My name is Angie. I am an early childhood educator and mother of four. I am passionate about teaching children in fun and engaging ways. I especially enjoy teaching my own children the gospel in our home.

I created Come Follow Me FHE to bless families everywhere when implementing the new Come Follow Me for Individuals and Families curriculum written by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Here is a free activity page for you and your family to enjoy this week, particularly as you prepare for General Conference:

Our Come Follow Me printables are emailed to subscribers weekly with a variety of personally made materials to use for each lesson the upcoming week in your home. Activities are appropriate for primary aged children. They are meant to grow testimonies of Jesus Christ, deepen understanding of gospel principles, and bring families together in a positive way.

I hope this is an inspiring way for parents everywhere to teach children in the home.​

For more activity pages like this, visit our website: