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It’s hard to find family movies that are appropriate for children, and won’t send you looking for a way to escape from the room as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Netflix delivers. Here are seventeen movies family movies to watch on Netflix.

1. The Little Prince

This Netflix original instantly became the definitive adaptation of its source material of the same name. The film is beautiful, charming, and thrilling.

Common Sense Media (CSM), a family film review site, warns that the film includes some mild insults and truly frightening scenes that might scare the youngest viewers.

2. Anastasia

The director of “Pete’s Dragon” and “An American Tail” may have hit his creative peak with this fantastical fictionalization of a Russian Princess’ story.

CSM warns that the villain Rasputin’s constantly falling apart body could be disturbing for some younger viewers.

3. Charlotte’s Web

This 2006 adaptation of the classic E.B. White book takes the quiet and straightforward style of the original book and puts it on screen. If that sounds a bit dull, it’s only because you don’t remember how captivating Dakota Fanning’s early work was, not to mention the world-class voice cast.

Parents should be aware that the film’s end deals with some profound thematic issues that will be important to discuss with children after the fact.

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