For the past four calendar years, we have released a beautiful calendar to add richness and culture to your home. Now we offer the fifth, the 2024 Book of Mormon calendar is at the press and ready for pre-order. Orders will start being shipped soon after General Conference!

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You will love this calendar as it takes a broad visual sweep of the Book of Mormon from Jerusalem all the way to the Grandin Press in Palmyra, New York in just twelve months! There’s nothing like studying the Book of Mormon in depth and we think this year’s calendar will add a great deal to your understanding.

Each month of this Book of Mormon Come Follow Me Calendar carries with it some kind of surprise—perhaps a place you’ve never seen, a character you’ve never honored, an idea that may be new to you.

For example, there are just a few witness trees left on the Hill Cumorah in New York (trees that were there when Joseph was directed to the plates). October’s photograph includes one of them.

What do you really know about camels? February may enlighten you. We hope this calendar hanging on your wall will be a pleasant invitation this year to go deeper into every aspect of the Book of Mormon than you ever have before.

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My photographic specialty has been documenting the sites sacred to our people throughout the world. In this calendar, I have naturally divided the photos into four sections: 1) The Middle East from whence Lehi and Sariah and family came; 2) Bountiful where Nephi and his brothers built the ship on the coast of the Arabian Sea; 3) The Promised Land where the main action of the Book of Mormon took place for a thousand years; and 4) Significant sites of the Restoration that have to do with the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Maurine and I have been to all these places many times, and we can draw from wonderful resources to illustrate this very significant calendar.

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For Joseph Smith to say in frontier, western New York, in 1829, that he wanted to publish 5,000 copies of a then-592 page book, was unprecedented. It was preposterous. It was marvelous! Joseph had been given a vision of this work early on, and he knew that this new and everlasting covenant, the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, must be taken to all the world—and the Book of Mormon would be the instrument that would do just that. It wouldn’t be that long before another printing of this book would be ordered and then a large printing in Great Britain. The great work of the gathering of Israel in the last days had begun.

Even as Joseph of Egypt had saved a starving world when he stored grain, so would this modern Joseph offer spiritual, eternal sustenance to a starving world in our day. George Q. Cannon quoted Asael Smith, grandfather of the Prophet Joseph, as saying, “It has been borne upon my soul that one of my descendants will promulgate a work to revolutionize the world of religious faith.” I believe that work, in great measure, is the Book of Mormon.

We hope this new 2024 calendar will be a blessing in your homes and offices this coming year as you immerse yourself in the Book of Mormon.

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