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An emphasis on young single adults serving in all YSA callings except stake president and bishop is one of the several newly adjusted guidelines cited in a notice titled “Strengthening Young Single Adults.”

Other adjustments include the purpose for and participation in stake YSA committees and “gathering places.”

The directives are highlighted in the Nov. 30, 2022, notice from the Priesthood and Family Department to the Church’s general authorities and officers, Area Seventies, mission presidents, stake and district presidencies, stake and ward Relief Society presidencies, bishoprics and elders quorum presidencies.

The notice acknowledges instruction from President Russell M. Nelson in his May 2022 worldwide broadcast to young adults.

“As the Lord’s Prophet, I bless you to know the truth about who you are and to treasure the truth and what your glorious potential really is. I bless you to take charge of your own testimony. And I bless you to have the desire and strength to keep your covenants,” he said.

“As you do, I promise that you will experience spiritual growth, freedom from fear, and confidence that you can scarcely imagine now. You will have a positive influence far beyond your natural capacity.”

Leading efforts, filling YSA positions

Young single adults are to lead as members of the stake presidency, high council, elders quorum presidency and stake and ward Relief Society presidencies (see General Handbook 14.0 and 14.4.4).

Currently, in many YSA stakes and wards, married individuals and couples have been called to help fill leadership and advisory positions, such as members of stake presidencies, high councils, stake Relief Society presidencies and bishoprics, as well as stake and ward clerks, stake and ward missionaries and advisers.

“Except for stake presidents and bishops, all married members called to YSA positions should be considered for release,” the notice states.

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