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In the world and times we live in, it’s sometimes easy to forget that people with whom we disagree or differ are still Children of the Most High God…

Shocking Spiritual Message

I was on a road trip with my husband a few years ago when we stopped for gas and a snack about 11:00 in the morning.   As I was looking for some peanuts, I glanced over at a young woman, in her mid 20’s, who caught my eye.   She was dressed in an old tank top and shorts and looked like she had slept in her clothes. Her long unkempt platinum blonde hair had at least two inches of dark roots.   Her mascara was smeared, and she looked vacant, depressed and lost. My initial assessment was that, here was a girl that didn’t seem to care about herself and didn’t feel anyone else cared about her either. It made me feel kind of sad.

Imagine my surprise when just as I was making this mental evaluation, I heard profound and moving words from the Spirit, which powerfully stated,

“She is SO BELOVED!”  

I was absolutely astounded, reeling inside from my original judgment, and feeling the awe of the moment. Now I looked at her with new eyes and a sense of wonder. I watched her bend down and reach for some chips. I could tell that she had absolutely no idea that she was so cherished. I was unsure if I should tell her about what I now knew, but thought better of it concluding that it might actually frighten her.   I’ve often regretted that decision.

Who was this young woman? What was she experiencing in her life? What did she believe about herself? She obviously had her personal story of pain, which she felt was absolute truth. The real truth however, was that she was adored and loved beyond measure by innumerable unseen beings who understood what she was doing with her life, but who loved her anyway. This was an opening to my awareness.

How Do You See Others?

What we see in others is only the “tip of the iceberg” of who they truly are in the depths of their being.  C.S. Lewis famously said,

“It is a serious thing to live in a society of possible gods and goddesses, to remember that the dullest most uninteresting person you can talk to may one day be a creature which, if you saw it now, you would be strongly tempted to worship… it is with the awe and the circumspection proper to them, that we should conduct all of our dealings with one another, all friendships, all loves, all play, all politics. There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.” [i]

The fact is, everyone we meet is much more than they seem! Can we overlook rough exteriors or behaviors and see what lies beneath?

“Words Into My Mind”

Henry B. Eyring shared a beautiful experience where his spiritual eyes were opened to really see.  He recounts,

“I remember once a seven-or eight-year-old son of ours jumping on his bed hard enough that I thought it might break. I felt a flash of frustration, and I moved quickly to set my house in order. I grabbed my son by his little shoulders and lifted him up to where our eyes met”

“The Spirit put words into my mind. It seemed a quiet voice, but it pierced to my heart: ‘You are holding a great person.’ I gently set him back on the bed and apologized.”

“Now he has become the great man the Holy Ghost let me see 40 years ago. I am eternally grateful that the Lord rescued me from my unkind feelings by sending the Holy Ghost to let me see a child of God as He saw him”[ii]

Only the Spirit can open our eyes to unveil a soul! Are we open? Are we in tune?

“See Him as I See Him”

At another gathering, Elder Eyring told of a time when he was Bishop. He had a young man in his congregation who did something he felt had shamed and embarrassed the Church. As Elder Eyring brought him in his office to chastise him, he had an expansive understanding engulf him. He said, “As I sat looking at him, I had a voice in my mind say,I’m going to let you see him as I see him’, and then for a brief moment his whole appearance changed to me. I saw not a dazed young man, but a bright noble Son of God. I suddenly felt the Lord’s love for him. That vision changed our conversation. It also changed me.”[iii]

How Does the Lord See You?

How does the Lord see us? He knows who we are, and what our greatest yearnings are. He loves us with no strings attached. We will ALL be changed when we love or are loved with such awareness.  Everyone is here to experience their own journey. When we meet others, they may be at a difficult junction, (perhaps their worst), at that instant, but with the Spirit’s help, we can see beyond it, as He does.  Isn’t it great that the Lord doesn’t just see us for who we are at the moment? He has a more expansive view and sees us for who we can become. When we can learn to do that with others, we become like Him.

We Have Such Power To Lift

We all share a spiritual heritage that binds us. We are connected and interconnected. I remember a few years ago when a stranger poignantly “raised me up.”   I was going through a “drive through” at a fast food restaurant to pick up my order. When I received my sack of food, the young man from the window looked me straight in the eye, and with a meaningful smile said, “Be blessed!” At that moment, time seemed to stand still. It felt like God had touched me personally through this young man. He didn’t know me from Adam, but he took the time to look into my soul and “bless” me.   He was at-one with light and he passed it on to me. It was beautiful, and I felt loved.

How Can We Silently Bless Others?

BE STILL enough to NOTICE others.

Look in their eyes and hold that gaze as you peer into their soul! Observe their endearing human quirks, and then VISUALIZE them as who they really are. Who were they before this life?  What did they want to learn in this physical experience? Is the circumstance they are in now part of that experience?

Look beyond the surface to their true history. Viewing people this way is spiritually expanding. As our hearts open to others, we’re more likely to uplift them.

“Bless” them.

This can often be done silently. Sometimes just a knowing smile, (because you know something they don’t know, – that they are a Child of the Most High God), is the blessing.   PRAY for them.   You may be the only person on earth to do it.

Who Was She? Who Are We?           

Who WAS this young woman I saw in the convenience store? I don’t know, but I DO know that she was SO beloved. It was a profound lesson for me to “see” her in a small way as God sees her.   I was given knowledge concerning her for a few minutes, and I felt that I was in the presence of a beautiful soul.

When we learn to feel the awe and majesty in others, we can begin to understand who WE are.  As we silently bless others, we ourselves are blessed – ALWAYS!  When we learn to give this unselfish assistance, we will also learn to feel that we too are SO BELOVED!

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