“Remembering Heaven” is a reminder of the eternal nature of the spirit told through actual documented encounters from beyond the veil.

“Where do I come from”? The new documentary feature film “Remembering Heaven” does a deep dive into this very important question which is not about what city or country you were born in but visits the concept of pre-birth life and where our eternal spirits have come from and where they will go after this mortal probation is complete.

William Wordsworth penned the words “….trailing clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home”  Did we come from a heavenly home before being born into mortality? This film and subject are expertly navigated by Producer Sarah Hinze and her team while exploring this spiritual concept through interviews with scholars, doctors and everyday people alike.

There are many books and films out there that explore the near-death experience from mortality to the spiritual realm and back again but there are only a few that take on the subject of premortal life and the eternal nature of soul.  This film should interest everybody because it is about our eternal nature and attempts to answer the questions of life before life and what happens to our spirits after we die and since we are all born, and we all will die this should be of interest to every single person that walks on this earth today.  This subject I’m sure crosses people’s minds constantly, I know it has mine since the days of my youth when people I knew died and I wondered where they moved on to.

“Remembering Heaven” boldly and unabashedly goes where few films have gone before with interviews that detail spiritual experiences both before spirits have come to earth and after they have departed this life.

Balancing scholarly data and heavy research with actual accounts of heavenly visitations, this movie helps to reinforce the need to explore and know more about the spiritual side of our mortal journey as it digs into the sanctity of the unborn spirits and their ability to communicate through the veil.

The editing, cinematography and interviews with a dozen or so people including Scholar Daniel Peterson, near death survivor Jeff Olsen and Jeff O’Driscoll M.D. are all top notch with Executive Producer Sarah Hinze leading the way as she talks about her long period of work, research and her own experiences leading up to the making of this film and the many people she recruited to come and tell their stories on camera for the first time.  The interviews range from visions to dreams and near-death experiences involving children and spouses that were lost to death but were able to communicate their journey was continuing on and that they were in a better place.

The most stunning part of the film was seeing the visuals from Michelangelo’s work at the Sistine Chapel and looking at the detailed images that are so famously ingrained in our psyches and then making the connection to the concepts being presented in this film was absolutely eye opening and heart pounding and reminds us that God is eternal, and we have come from His Home.

Is this all part of an organized plan?  Are we here on this earth for a purpose that connects all of mankind together infinitely and eternally?  “Remembering Heaven” will wow you with many insights and spiritual experiences that leave the door open for you to decide the answers to these questions yourself. This movie does not preach doctrine, nor does it hit you over the head with opinions, but rather it opens us up to a spiritual world that is all around us, this film also educates us through the voices of those that have experienced the supernatural and have the courage to talk about it. “Remembering Heaven” and its superb storytelling through actual experiences can help us to never forget where we have come from and once we know that for ourselves that knowledge and understanding may just help us all to be inherently kinder to one another.

Remembering Heaven opened in theatres throughout Utah on May 6, 2022, with expansion plans for other cities in the weeks to follow the release. Visit the website for more details at www.rememberingheavenmovie.com