A mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation or prayer. One of the quickest ways to get ourselves out of a funk or spiritual crises is simply to state a short, spiritually powerful phrase over and over. When you repeat this inspiring mantra 40 -50 times as you intently and exclusively focus on its meaning, you will feel yourself rise.

This repetitive process will get the potent concept into your emotional/spiritual psyche. Continue repeating it throughout the day, especially if a negative thought or feeling crops up.  It neutralizes negativity, and increases light.

The following are examples of mantras that will help you shift from darkness, confusion or doubt into light and at-one-ment with God. Choose one of these and let it profoundly lift you to a higher level of light, into a faith-filled space where there is no darkness. Don’t let a single negative thought find its way in to you as you echo the phrase over and over.

Mantras of Faith

  1. Thank you!”

Mentally go through a litany of things that cause you to genuinely feel grateful as you say the words. If this is focused on and continued for several minutes, you will begin to fill lifted.

  1. “I Love You!”

A mantra that can create a magnificently uplifting scenario is to repeat the words “I love you” again and again. Think of all the things the Lord has done for you, and FEEL the love you feel for Him.

  1.  “All Things are Possible!”

Miracles are on their way. Feel the JOY of it! The more you repeat it in your mind, the more possible “possible” feels. At the end of the day you will find your life has had much more progress with this mantra.   Miracles are very likely right outside your door.

  1. 4. “Of Course You Will Help Me!”  

He has helped you in the past. He will help you again. As you repeat this many times throughout the day, you can feel your faith strengthen, and you become spiritually emboldened.  The Lord has asked you to ask for what you desire, or to simply ask to be free from darkness.  

If He has asked us to ask, then OF COURSE He will help us! We have to have faith in His promise that we WILL ultimately receive something good from Him when we ask. I utilize this one often when I feel the need for strength. It bolsters my hope and faith to new levels, and energizes me whenever I experience trials.

  1. “I trust You! “

Trust that whatever He allows to come upon you is for your growth. Faith and trust generally come before understanding. The act of trusting gives you the advantage. In the end, the more you trust Him, the more He will bless you.

  1. “I Am Supported and Appreciated!”

Imagine feeling supported, validated and appreciated. As you say these words over and over, FEEL them. Experiences will come to your memory when you did feel this way. Hold on to them. FEEL validation from the Lord.

  1. “I Can Do All Things Through Christ!”

What can’t you do with Christ’s help? All things ARE possible! This exercise ennobles and lifts us to the point we can receive some of the marvelous privileges promised us. He can work miracles through us when we expand our faith. On a day when you have much to do, or when you are required to do something that is out of your comfort zone. This mantra is very empowering!

Repeat the mantra you have chosen continually throughout the day as doubt or darkness creep back in.  You can write it on your phone, your computer, or even pen it on your hand, as a reminder. This practice will give you spiritual confidence to ascend back into grace, as you exclude any other thought but the mantra.

It is amazing how fast we can rise from feeling depression or discouragement to feeling the spirit with this paradigm.  We are beings designed to feel light. When we feel darkness or discouragement we feel bad, because we’re not designed to live that way. We are created for peace, joy, and aliveness. All it takes is our focus and faith. Try it!.