Sign up for Meridian’s Free Newsletter, please CLICK HERE released a set of new one-minute videos this week illustrating topics such as family prayer, parenting, and what Mormons really believe. These videos can be a great tool for a simple introduction to the basic beliefs of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and a great reminder for those who are already striving to live those beliefs.

One of the videos, “60 Mormon Beliefs in 60 Seconds”, uses short phrases and words spoken by many different members of the Church to give a sort of mosaic of the doctrines we cling to, believe, and value as Mormons. Words such as “agency” “grace” and “forgiveness” are just a few of the essential tiles that create the bigger picture. If you watch closely enough, you can even find the author of this very article deliver one of them (hint: “eternal families”)

In another video, one mother describes how she is continually learning how to be a better parent from the example of her Father in Heaven. When things feel out of her control she remembers that just like the Lord as He parents His children, “my job is not to control you, my job is to teach you.”

Along those same lines, another LDS Mom expresses her joy at taking daily opportunities to teach her children rather than only waiting for the monumental, earth-shattering moments. “It’s the little moments,” she says, “that can be wrapped up in a 20-second package to make a big difference in a child’s life.”

These videos, though they are more like 60-second packages, can also provide a look into practices and beliefs that really can change a person’s life.

So often, we as members of the Church take for granted the things so many of us have spent our whole lives doing because we assume that everybody lives that way. Things like eating dinner as a family and gathering in the evenings to close the day in a prayer.

Another of these new brief video vignettes explores what difference a habit of family prayer can make in the lives of those who get to participate:

Not all of the videos give an intimate look into the home of an LDS family. Several of the videos are actually based on interviews done with people on the street. Questions that are so often sources of confusion for those outside the Church are answered by regular Latter-day Saints. These include questions like, “Do Mormons believe in the Bible?” and “Are Mormons Christian?”

Watch all of the new videos at or on their YouTube Channel