As Mother’s Day approaches, celebrate this special occasion by giving your mother a book that expresses your love for her. Following are six books all about our moms (with the first two being board books suitable for babies and toddlers). The remaining books celebrate the arrival of spring. Other than the board books, the remaining books are all beautifully illustrated and recommended for children aged three to eight, unless otherwise indicated.

Amazing Moms, by Alison Brown, is a bright rhyming tale about the many things moms do for us! Most of the pages have just a few words with the repeating last word: “moms”. “Jiggly moms, snuggly moms, Magic lost-and-found moms!” The animals depicted are adorable and the soft pastels make this book a prize. (Silver Dolphin)

I Love You So: A Book of Hugs, by Patricia Hegarty and colorfully painted by Thomas Elliott, is an inventive and interactive rhyming board book portraying animal moms and their child cuddling. Each page has a flap and by turning the flap, child and parent are combined fitting together like two puzzle pieces meant for each other. (Silver Dolphin)

Super Moms!: Animal Heroes, by Heather Lang and Jamie Harper and wonderfully illustrated using traditional and digital collage by Jamie Harper, is a lively told picture book that is both humorous and informative. The comic-book format helps move the information along as you learn interesting facts about the incredible lengths mother animals go to in order to care and protect their young. For instance, the emperor penguin mom will travel up to fifty miles to find food to feed their chicks. Be sure to check out the back of the book where there’s more information. This is the first book in a planned science series. (Candlewick)

Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter: A No-Stress, No Rules Journal (Activity for Tween or Teen Girls and Moms), by Meredith Jacobs and Sofia Jacobs, features the viewpoint for both mother and daughter to write down specific impressions. An example of these promptings specially are: on one side of the open-page asks the mom to write down what she wanted to be when she grew up and what happened to that when she did grow up. On the opposite page the daughters asked a similar question of what she wants to become. There are also two ribbon bookmarks attached. What a wonderful way to strengthen this bond as well as documenting in a journal. (Chronicle)

In Every Life, by Marla Frazee, is a lushly painted book with intricate color filling the page using pencil and gouache. Here is a book that explores the majesties and tragedies in life through wondrous scenarios of everyday living. Open the first page and the text simply yet powerfully states: In every birth, blessed is the wonder. There are several parents and grandparents depicted here which includes a pregnant mom, a mom holding her newly bathed baby and a nursing mom. This is one book to be enjoyed and relished in every home! (Simon)

Mommy Time, by Monique James-Duncan and nicely illustrated digitally by Ebony Glenn, celebrates moms who do not work outside of their homes. This delightful rhyming tale has the emphasis on the word “time” found at the end of every phrase and sentence. Moms who do not work outside the home find that there is plenty of continual work to do. However, the most rewarding is being a mom and the invaluable time spent with her child. (Candlewick)

Rainbow Days, by Margaret Hamilton and brightly illustrated with adorable youngsters by Anna Pignataro, effectively teaches the passing days of the week with the seven colors in the rainbow. Each page showcases a different color with a four stance rhyme. Sunshine yellow Tuesday./ Bananas are for lunch./ Although I eat them one by one,/ Dad buys them in a bunch. This sweet book is perfect for learning colors and the days of the week. (Kane)

Love Makes a Garden Grow, by Taeeun Yoo, reads like a soliloquy to a grandfather. A young girl enjoys being with her grandfather as he works on planting and growing his garden. He especially delights in nurturing his beautiful peonies. The bond between child and grandfather parallels the love of his garden as both grow older. The vibrant color was rendered in pencil and colored in Adobe Photoshop. (Simon)

Rain, by Cynthia Rylant and richly colored digitally by Lisa Congdon, is a celebration of rain. This book features trees, ducks, squirrels, children, and more – all of whom benefit from the rain. It begins with the hints and anticipation of rain about to come. How this moisture impacts all is on display as you read about each living entity ingratiating the moisture. The text is simple yet powerful in the telling of this magnificent gift from the sky. (Simon)

The Secret Life of Bugs and Other Little Critters, by Emmanuel’s Figueras and intricately and beautifully illustrated by Alexander Vidal, is a simple anthology perfectly geared for youngsters rich with information they will enjoyably glean from. There are layered illustrations that have been elaborately laser-cut to showcase the underbelly of critters habitats. For instance, the cutout honeybee hive is shown and, with the turn of the page, the guard bees and the Queen is displayed along with some brief engaging information. Here is a terrific book that just may be a jumpstart to learn more about insects. (Twirl)