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The world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir is currently auditioning altos, sopranos, tenors, and basses to round out its 360-member ensemble.

“It is a very rigorous process that yields marvelous results,” says music director Mack Wilberg, “Each year we continue to be pleased with the high level of musical expertise displayed by choir applicants and look forward to meeting many of them during the audition process.”

The process to become a member of the choir is demanding—stretching over 9 months. Auditions are conducted in three phases. The first phase consists of submission of a completed application, a CD voice recording, and the recommendation of an ecclesiastical leader. The second phase is a musical skills assessment that measures musical ability and aptitude. Applicants with acceptable test scores then advance to the third phase, an in-person audition before the music directors and an interview with the choir president. Audition results are usually available by late fall.

The process then resumes in January 2018, when those who successfully complete the audition begin 16 weeks of participation in the Temple Square Chorale and Choir School.

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