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Millennial Morms was a blog established in 2014 to cater especially to the needs and interests of Latter-day Saints of the rising generation. As time went on, one of the site’s original founders left and readers saw a gradual departure from core doctrines and gospel topics as the remaining founder no longer felt invested in the original mission. Not long thereafter, the site went up for sale.

That’s when, Chris Koerner, a married father of four from Dallas, TX and loyal reader of the original site and its faithful content, decided to become the new owner of Millennial Morms. He hopes to return it to the uplifting, entertaining and ultimately faith-promoting content that originally brought in its audience.

He says his number one goal with the site is to reach out to those young members of the Church who are struggling with their testimonies.

“The dissenting voices are so loud,” says Koerner, “it can feel like there are more of them then there are of the faithful.” He hopes to rebuild the community of believing voices that once existed on the Millennial Morms platform so that when someone is struggling in their testimony and looks to the blogosphere for insight, they can readily find encouragement and reasons to stay in the Church.

The new version of the site was launched this week with new content while retaining some of the favorite faith-promoting articles from the original site.

To check out the new Millennial Morms, click here.