Meridian recently ran a contest where we were giving away more than $1,000 in premium, delicious, freeze-dried, twenty-five-year shelf life food storage from Thrive Life. With more than 10,000 entries, we put our sophisticated software to work to randomly choose the winner. The computers were whirring and spinning and chugging and well, doing the things that computers do. AND, just in case we could not make contact with the first-picked winner—we actually chose four other runners-up.

Did you win? Will you be the one that is bolstering your food storage in a major way this month? Read on to find out.

The winner is (drum role please and the sound of six, very long brass trumpets from the castle wall): Jackie Bair Anderson from Saratoga Springs, Utah!

We contacted Jackie and she is about as salt-of-the-earth, home-grown-darling as you can get. She responded: “If this is for real (because the only thing I have ever won in my life was a camera at a drawing in 6th grade) I am super excited!”

We even got Jackie to send us a picture.

Jackie is the one just to our left of the bride. Her husband, Barr, is just to our left of her. This is her beautiful family and that handsome groom is her son. Since this picture was taken they have added a new grandson and they have two more grandchildren coming this year!

Jackie is the happy mother of five children: one daughter and four sons. They are all married except for her youngest son. They also have a cat name RZA who is Jackie’s buddy. Jackie reports to us: “My family is my love and passion—especially the grandchildren.”

She works part time at Roseman University of Health Sciences as a dental assistant for the resident program. She likes to tease the new, young dentists by telling them she is the resident “Mom” to keep them all in line.

She and Barr are actively serving in stake callings.. She says, “I love the gospel and serving in the Church.”

Those are some pretty stylin’ boots there Jackie!

She calls herself a “Jack of all trades” and a master of none—and that is how she got her name Jackie. She loves to go on dates with her husband, spend time with her grandchildren and do cleaning, organizing and decorating of her home. She loves to go on long walks with her friend and loves to sing. She especially loves to hear her children sing together a cappella and she reports, “They are pretty darn awesome and that isn’t just being bias!”

Congratulations Jackie for winning the Meridian Contest!

And Meridian readers: Look at all that Jackie won in this Meridian contest (stay tuned, btw, for the next contest is coming right up):

Red Seedless Grapes – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Raspberries – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Fuji Apple Slices – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Peach Slices – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Pineapple Chunks – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

9 Grain Cracked Cereal – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Instant Brown Rice – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Instant White Rice – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Whole Wheat Flour – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Creamy Wheat Cereal – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Quick Oats – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Golden Cornbread Mix – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Classic Cookie Dough Mix – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Fudge Brownie Mix – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Sweet Corn – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Green Beans – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Carrot Dices – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Broccoli – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Chopped Onions – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Mashed Potatoes – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Instant Black Beans – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Kidney Beans – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Ground Beef – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Chopped Chicken – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Instant Refried Beans – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Beef Dices – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Tomato Sauce – 2 Pantry Cans

Béchamel – 2 Pantry Cans

Velouté – 2 Pantry Cans

Shredded Cheddar Cheese – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Pomegranate Yogurt Bites – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Instant Milk – 2 #10 Cans

Basil – Spice Can

Cilantro – Spice Can

Oregano – Spice Can

Italian Seasoning Blend – Spice Can

Peppercorn – Spice Can

Pure Vanilla Powder – Spice Can

Orange Bliss — #10 Can

Gourmet Hot Cocoa – #10 Can

Mango – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – Freeze Dried — #10 Can

That’s quite a haul (and it shows just how much you can add to your long-term food storage plan for a budget of just over $1,000).  Again, congratulations to Jackie Bair Anderson!