How often do we hesitate to do something good or something new or something outside our comfort zone? How often do we hesitate to move forward because we are not sure where it will lead or whether the Lord approves? How often do we hesitate because of what others might think?


In counseling, we are often encouraged to participate in an experience outside our comfort zone. As part of the experience, we estimate our anticipated level of distress which might be a 7 or 8 or even a 9 out of 10 with 10 being the highest level of distress. Then we plan and enter into a safe but anxiety-provoking experience. During the experience, we are encouraged to be mindful, i.e. be aware of the discomfort/anxiety/distress, be aware of the people and surroundings, recognize that you are safe in the “here and now.” In addition, breathe deeply and relax any tense areas of your body. Then attach a number to the level of discomfort/anxiety/distress (1-10). Then, in session with the therapist, discuss the results of the experience. And, no matter the result, give yourself credit for participating in that experience.


Elder Boyd K. Packer, (1924-2015), counseled us to move forward with faith in the Lord and shared his own experience:

“ … [My wife and I] once had a major decision to make. When our prayers left us uncertain, I went to see Elder Harold B. Lee. He counseled us to proceed. Sensing that I was still very unsettled, Elder Lee said, ‘The problem with you is you want to see the end from the beginning.’ Then Elder Lee quoted this verse from the Book of Mormon, ‘Dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith’ (Ether 12:6). Elder Lee continued, ‘You must learn to walk a few steps ahead into the darkness, and then the light will turn on and go before you.’  “ (General Conference, April 2005).


The following poem “Do It Anyway” was found written on the wall of Mother Teresa’s home (she was a Catholic nun and founder of Missionaries of Charity for children in Calcutta):













May the Lord bless each of us to overcome our anxiety, our discomfort, and our reluctance and move forward with faith in Him and “do it anyway.”