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Latter-day Saint artist Jorge Cocco Santángelo’s art has been in 16 museums and in dozens of shows around the world.

Now, his postage-stamp-size creations of the biblical Nativity will be on letters in the United Kingdom. 

Cocco, an Argentine native, created six Christmas stamps for the U.K.’s Royal Mail.

There are six designs for the stamps: Joseph leading the donkey that Mary is riding, Mary and baby Jesus, shepherds, a trio of wise men riding camels, angels blowing trumpets, and shepherds visiting Mary and baby Jesus.

Cocco’s art features post-cubist style and he combines cubism with sacred or religious images for his “sacrocubism” style. 

Cocco worked with Supple, a studio based in Bath, England, for the stamps, according to The studio’s officials found Cocco, who will turn 85 in December, through his Instagram account. 

“It had exactly the right feel, contemporary but also very respectful of the subject matter,” Jamie Ellul, studio founder, told Design Week. 

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