Conference will be held August 3-5 in Provo, Utah

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have questions about the recent TV series “Under the Banner of Heaven,” and other timely issues, are invited to a conference designed to equip them with knowledge, context, and new research. On Wednesday through Friday, August 3-5 2022, FAIR (Faithful Answers, Informed Response) will continue its yearly tradition of hosting a conference to strengthen faith and explain inaccurate criticisms of the church.

This year’s conference will be held in Provo, Utah at the Experience Event Center at 1440 N. Moon River Drive. Tickets can be purchased at Any member of the church or interested friend, not just academics or apologists, can benefit from attending the conference.

Those who attend the conference in person will receive extra benefits: a free book authored by one of the presenters, chances to meet and further discuss questions with presenters, an extra question-and-answer session, and the opportunity to browse FAIR’s on-site bookstore.

For those who can’t attend in person, free streaming is available via registration at

FAIR’s purpose is to help members of the church who are struggling with criticisms against the church, as well as their families and leaders. Its website includes the world’s largest database of faithful answers to critical questions, and its volunteers answer additional questions submitted. Each year the conference addresses timely concerns and gives scholars an opportunity to present their latest research and publications.

This year’s conference will address questions about the Book of Isaiah, evidence for the Book of Mormon, women in ancient scripture, the Hulu series “Under the Banner of Heaven,” the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible, the Proclamation on the Family, church doctrine and policy re: LGBTQ issues, religious liberty, scriptural interpretation, and other topics. Presenters include scholars from the Church’s History department, BYU professors Kerry Muhlestein, Bruce Young, and Jeffrey Thayne, and North Star co-founder Ty Mansfield.

FAIR is a 501(c)(3) organization and depends on the generosity of its volunteers and donors. Please donate at, and thank you for helping us strengthen faith all over the world.