On November 24, the National Bible Association is sponsoring an “International Day of the Bible.”

People are encouraged to read, share, or express creatively their favorite passages from the Bible at noon on the 24th.

In addition, those who wish to post or promote scripture online are encouraged to use the hashtag #BibleCelebration. The event is also supported by the American Bible Society and the YouVersion Bible App. Other organizations are encouraged to participate. Learn more on their website, Facebook page, and on Twitter.

Last year, the National Bible Association named Salt Lake City as the National Bible City for 2013, which included a concert on Temple Square and public Bible readings.

In English, the Church publishes the King James Version of the Bible complete with study aids, such as Bible maps, a Topical Guide, and a Bible Dictionary. All these study aids are also available in the Spanish LDS edition of the Reina Valera edition of the Bible.

The Church provides the full text of the Bible online at scriptures.lds.org where you can also listen to a high-quality audio recording. When in any chapter, just click Listen in the right margin, or click Download to get your own MP3 file for listening offline. (If you want to download entire books, or the whole Bible at once, you can get a convenient .zip file at audio.lds.org).

Latter-day Saints are counseled to study the scriptures daily and apply Biblical teachings in their lives as they seek to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

In weekly Sunday School classes, Mormons study a volume of scripture in-depth each year. Last year, they studied the Old Testament, and they will study the New Testament in 2015.

Latter-day Saint youth also study the scriptures in their daily seminary classes during high school, and in college-level institute classes.

Mormons study the Bible in their homes with their families. They regularly read scriptures with their families, and on Monday nights traditionally have a “family home evening” where they teach the gospel to their children.

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