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SALT LAKE CITY — An Internet document-hosting website disabled a webpage posted this week by MormonLeaks that contained a PowerPoint presentation for leaders of the LDS Church.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent MormonLeaks a notice that its post infringed on a church copyright and asked it to take down the page, MormonLeaks founder Ryan McKnight said. McKnight posted a copy of the letter in place of the PowerPoint.

The church has established a policy that it won’t verify allegedly leaked information, and on Thursday a spokesman declined to confirm or deny whether the PowerPoint presentation or the letter of infringement were authentic.

The leak purported to be a recent, internal PowerPoint presentation for LDS leaders about people leaving the faith. disabled the page at the same time the church’s intellectual property office apparently sent a notice to MormonLeaks that the document infringed a church copyright, MormonLeaks founder Ryan McKnight said.

The PowerPoint, allegedly from a 2015 meeting of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles about training area authorities of the church, presented one view of some of the issues, ideas and people that influence people to leave the church. The issues range from personal struggles with commitment, chastity and pornography to questions about church policies and history and the external impact of secularism or teachings of former Mormons and anti-Mormons.

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