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On a day where millions in countries around the world honor their mothers, leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints praised and honored mothers and women in videos and posts shared on Church social channels.

President Russell M. Nelson called women’s actions “heroic,” and their influence “remarkable.” And in a video reel shared on social media, General Presidents of the Relief Society, Young Women and Primary and their counselors shared a notable trait they appreciated in one of their counterparts before “passing the phone” to another leader to do the same.

‘I Salute All Women’

“On this Mother’s Day, I salute all women who give tirelessly of themselves to make life better for all of us,” President Nelson, the 99-year-old leader of the worldwide Church, said in a social media video posted Sunday, May 12, 2024. “I have reflected about how our Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation was entirely dependent upon the heroic actions of two valiant women: Eve, the mother of all living, and Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“These heroic actions continue today, as women from all walks of life — and in every circumstance imaginable — give the precious gift of a mortal body to God’s beloved sons and daughters,” he said.

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