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Around the world, people are doing something each day to share the Savior’s light and love with others as part of the 2022 Light the World campaign.

Through daily reminders, videosan official Facebook group and Giving Machines, participants are focusing more on Jesus Christ in this Christmas season.

Elder W. Mark Bassett, a General Authority Seventy and assistant executive director of the Missionary Department, said the 2022 Light the World initiative has three main purposes or focuses:

  1. To nurture good will.
  2. To help members share the gospel in normal and natural ways.
  3. To create positive awareness of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“The Light the World campaign is really an opportunity to share light with our friends,” he said on the Church News podcast. “In all that we do, we want to remember that is what this is about, and how would the Savior reach out and help people?”

Aaron Hall, director of finding for the Missionary Department, joined Elder Bassett on the podcast to share more behind-the-scenes information about Light the World and its 25 days of kindness.

Unlike years past, this year does not have an official Churchwide calendar of a specific item to do every day. Instead, Hall said the idea was to help members share light in a way that is normal and natural to them, rather than something prescribed each day.

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