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Editor’s note: The last names of the people in this story were not given to protect their privacy.

Ebrahim, his wife and their three children have lived in a Yemen displacement camp for the last two years.

They had to flee their home due to the Yemeni civil war in 2016 and have been displaced twice since then.

“We felt tired and sad that we left behind everything we owned — all our memories, as well as being separated from family and relatives,” Ebrahim said.

He used to work in transportation, but after an injury he could not continue working.

Ebrahim’s family is one of many households in the displacement camp who received “iron net” shelters because of the work of ShelterBox and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Church prioritizes offering refuge and worldwide aid in its humanitarian efforts. ShelterBox is a nonprofit organization that provides shelters, essential items and technical assistance to help people recover and rebuild after a disaster.

Iron nets are a more durable form of shelter and designed to protect people better from extreme weather in Yemen. They are so called because they have an iron net frame and are constructed on a concrete base. They can have a layer of fireproof thermal insulation and corrugated metal, offering durability, comfort, privacy and security.

When Ebrahim saw the iron nets being installed in the camp, he said he felt that his dream had come true.

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