The thing that drew Maurine and me to Calee Reed many years ago was her many Christ-centered songs that truly drew us closer to Him. She sings with such passion and feeling that her style becomes part of the message—as you will see in the video below.

Calee grew up in San Diego and was taught to sing by her precious mother at a very young age. Her mother passed away from cancer in 2011 and the depth of that loss led Calee to write her first album, The Waiting Place, as a tribute to her. She released another album, What Heaven Feels Like, in 2015. Calee experienced another painful loss when her first marriage ended in divorce. She penned her third album, Believe, during her years as a single, full-time mom.

She married a remarkable man, Jon, a widower, with four children in 2017 and together they have a chaotic and wonderful family of six children (quoting from her). Calee is human, approachable and kind. She recently posted: “I’m tired but happy Truly, I’ve never been happier in my life – I’m so fulfilled and peaceful about where I am and who I’m with…*and* I’ve simultaneously never felt more stretched and overwhelmed haha.  Lots of figuring out emotional struggles as kids get older and life gets more socially and scholastically challenging…lots of figuring out *how* to be a better Mom during each new phase for each individual kid…Lots of learning to give myself grace and give my kids grace and give people around us grace…it’s just a lot of growing going on around here (…which, as we all know…is often a clumsy and painful process).”

Calee has been a popular singer/performer for Time Out for Women and has shared the stage with favorites Brad Wilcox, Sheri Dew and John Bytheway.

Please relax, sit back and relax (and be lifted) by this performance of This is the Christ. This sacred and beautiful hymn, in this video, seems to come right from Calee’s eternal spirit. Enjoy (and Calee, please don’t ever stop singing!).