The following was contributed by Elizabeth Fairchild.


The trajectory of your life can change at any time – on any day. For me that day was on my golden birthday. Age twelve is a strange time in one’s life – on the threshold of being a teenager, but not a child anymore. At that age I had experienced more suffering than many will see in their lifetime. My world was rocked when my nine-year-old sister Brooke departed from this physical world on my twelfth birthday.

Brooke was born with a rare congenital heart defect that made her aorta too narrow. Doctors call it coarctation of the aorta (COA). The American Heart Association says, “The aorta is the main artery that carries blood away from your heart to the rest of your body. The blood leaves the heart through the aortic valve. Then it travels through the aorta, making a cane-shaped curve that allows other major arteries to deliver oxygen-rich blood to the brain, muscles and other cells.” Brooke’s aorta was too narrow and as she grew older, her aorta couldn’t supply enough blood to sustain her growing body.

These were arduous years for my family and me; the pain and suffering of losing Brooke was almost unbearable.

At the time of Brooke’s passing, we were living in Connecticut. My parents rushed me to one of the best heart doctors in New England to make sure I was okay. To our great relief all of my scans, EKG’s, and stress tests came back ordinary, but I continued to live with the heartache and pain of losing my little sister.

As God’s grace would have it, the founders of Hearts of The Father Outreach, John and Libby Moritz, found their way into our home, into our family, and into our hearts. After their three children, Joshua, Kristen and Daniel, were killed in a fatal accident, John and Libby founded Hearts of The Father Outreach. In their grief, they came to know they had been called for a far greater purpose than they understood at the time of the accident. Libby and John recognized our grief and invited us to join them in their mission to reach out to disadvantaged children in various parts of the word.

Elizabeth giving Brooke’s Bears to orphans in Ghana

In 2002, I embarked on my first journey to Ghana, West Africa with my mother and father and members of Hearts of The Father. I didn’t know then what I know now about helping the oppressed, the orphans, the ones in almost unimaginable need – but I knew I wanted to play a part in bringing everlasting hope to people who are hungry for a more abundant life – the same hunger that gnawed at me. I wanted to share the feeling of God’s light shining into the core of their hearts, which I believe is the greatest blessing and joy.

As a token of God’s love and as a way of sharing our love for my little sister Brooke, we organized a drive through Brooke’s elementary school classmates to collect teddy bears – Brooke’s Bears – and to give them to the children at the orphanages in Ghana.

While I went to Ghana to help others, in retrospect my trips to Ghana in 2002, 2003, and 2005 brought ME heart healing and a bounty of love that can never be lost. What I experienced in Ghana are cherished memories that are integrated into who I am today. I learned that we are in this together, and love is the answer. Our hearts were built to serve ALL the hearts of the Father. Many hearts continue to be nourished through HOTF’s outreach in homes established in the name of Libby’s and John’s children – called JoshKrisDan homes – in Ghana, India, Kaliro, and Tororo.

As powerful as those experiences in Africa were, I was still a 15-year-old trying to sort out heaps of emotional pain and loss. And as ordinary as my heart scans were from years earlier, I felt the first pangs of pain around my freshmen year of high school.

I was captain of the cheerleading squad, a strong back spot for the stunts we performed, and a spirited warrior.

During one of our routine practices as I was holding a stunt flyer up in the air, I felt a searing pain in my chest. It was as if someone was stabbing me with little knives. It was sudden and sharp; I held my breath to suppress the pain.

The pain only lasted a few seconds. I’ve never been one to worry about my health because I believe we are living on God’s precious time, no matter the state of our health, but my chest pains continued, and doctors had no answers.

Even with the bounty of blessings I’ve received throughout my life, it wasn’t until 2017 when I met a woman during a divine appointment who suffered from the same symptoms, I had that I began to understand what was going on with my heart.

She told me to look up “Precordial Catch Syndrome.” It is also referred to as “Texidor’s Twinge.” The only known treatment according to WebMD is reassurance that “the feeling will go away in a short time.” GREAT!

WebMD explains,

“The telltale symptom of precordial catch syndrome is a sharp pain in the left side of your chest near your heart. You may be able to pinpoint the pain to one small area. It won’t radiate to other parts of your body, like it might if it were a heart attack.”

I wondered if I would be living with this my entire life. The woman I met explained she still had episodes of cordial catch well into her 50s. Was there hope? I didn’t know.

If you have a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, you know the way he works for YOU isn’t always that mysterious. God stepped on the scene again shortly after my meeting with that woman when my mother told me about this supplement – Cardio Miracle – she started taking “that was good for everything.” I trust my mother, but I also had to discern for myself if what she was telling me about was something I would take.

I’ve always participated in fitness, whether it be cross-country, cheerleading, skiing, swimming, weightlifting, dancing, biking, climbing, or anything that gives me a challenge.

I have tried many pre-workout, post-workout, and numerous unpalatable health supplements during my life.

After looking into Cardio Miracle, I saw no reason not to try it. I had nothing to lose, I felt, so with no fear or hesitancy about what I was about to do, I drank my first glass of the Cardio Miracle with some water. To my pleasant surprise, it tasted fruity and refreshing – not like so many of the other supplements I’d tried.


My first dose of Cardio Miracle was on October 15, 2017. The effects I felt were immediate and significant. It was almost as if my entire being, all my cells, took a GIANT sigh of relief. I didn’t know what nitric oxide was at the time, but I could feel it working for me.

Nitric oxide is what helps your body convert oxygen from CO2. It is the great facilitator in the respiratory cycle. It is also a vasodilator, and nitric oxide’s main purpose – the key discovery that led to three scientists being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 – is its role as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.

Researchers at the University of Florida dubbed nitric oxide “the spark of life in the cell.”

It wasn’t until two months later, in December of 2017, that I realized I hadn’t suffered a cordial catch since being on Cardio Miracle! The pains probably stopped sooner, but I was feeling so good that I hadn’t noticed the major improvement.

I continue to take Cardio Miracle twice every day. Almost four years later – going strong on Cardio Miracle – I have no chest pains. I am confident it was nitric oxide and this amazing supplement that took my health to the next level. I used to require a boost to get me going in the morning, but not anymore. My body now craves nitric oxide, and I take Cardio Miracle faithfully morning and night.

If you ever question if something is working for you – stop taking it! There was ONE SINGLE WEEK that I didn’t have product and let me tell you, I had unbearable fatigue and brain fog. I know it was normal fatigue from everyday stressors, but I also know I never want to feel like that again…pass the Cardio Miracle please!


I have found many ways to devote my lifestyle to one of health, strength and resilience. I am now 31 years old and continually seek integrative ways to elevate my mood, health, and overall well-being. My daily goal is to nurture behaviors that support, strengthen, and protect my heart, mind body and spirit. Here’s what works for me:

  • 80/20 rule, eating 80% clean and green, 20% treats,
  • no alcohol consumption/smoking,
  • quality sleep, 6 hours a night (this is different for everyone),
  • physical activity for 30 minutes at minimum 3 days a week,
  • meditation/breath work for 15-20 min every morning,
  • surround myself with supportive people,
  • do things that make my heart happy, and
  • drink CARDIO MIRACLE 2 times each and every day

Cardio Miracle and the “Miracle Molecule” … NITRIC OXIDE

Cardio Miracle is a formula clinically proven to naturally stimulate bioavailable nitric oxide production in your body at healthy levels never before achieved. It is a unique and proprietary blend of high-quality amino acids, vitamins, powerful anti- inflammatories, and antioxidants to strengthen and support not only your heart and vascular health, but a variety of other health conditions as well.

Your heart and your life are miracles. Keep them healthy by giving your body the fuel it needs to produce the miracle molecule … nitric oxide.


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