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This question was interesting to research because I thought I knew the obvious answer. However, after examining myself, I realized my beliefs were based on supposition and had not looked to direct sources to know the truth for myself.

What made it more interesting was that the originally submitted question was posed as “I know that for temple dresses, long sleeves, to the wrist, are required. Skirts and dresses are generally floor length but don’t have to be. They can just be below the knee. Why is there not the same option for sleeves?”

This viewpoint was so different than the beliefs I already had that I knew I must go directly to the source to find the truth.

What are the temple dress requirements?

I started with a search on the church website which turned up no immediate results for temple dress requirements, but upon further digging, I discovered the Church handbook’s guidelines on the matter.

“Women wear the following white clothing: a long-sleeve or three-quarter-sleeve dress (or a skirt and long-sleeve or three-quarter-sleeve blouse), socks or hosiery, and shoes or slippers.”

Men’s attire is described as “a long-sleeve shirt, necktie or bow tie, pants, socks, and shoes or slippers.” The long sleeves may not be welcome in the hot summer months, but they are required. But did anyone catch that bit in the middle? Now that I know, I’ll be closely watching to find someone sporting a brilliant white bow tie!

The dress sleeve length is clearly delineated as three-quarter to full-length sleeves. What it does not indicate, however, is the length of the skirt or dress. I found this unusual to be omitted. I kept looking and found many opinions online from individuals, blogs, temple dress sales sites, etc., but nothing official from the Church.

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