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Cover image: City Hall, Malaga Spain. 

Four LDS Missionaries and their investigator, who was at the wheel, suffered injuries after colliding with a truck on Monday night in Spain, according to a spokesperson for the LDS Church.

Elder Mason Heninger, 20 of Cardston, Canada, and Elder Gabriel Inesta Olmo, 19, of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, are in serious condition, as is the man they had been teaching. Both Elders have undergone surgery.

The two are stable and recovering, while the man they were with remains in serious condition.

The other two Elders in the vehicle, Elder Caden Randall, 18, of Kaysville, Utah, and Elder Hunter Bushman, 19, of Farmington, Utah suffered only minor injuries.

“We invite all people of faith to offer prayers on behalf of those involved,” said Daniel Woodruff of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Elders are serving in the Spain Malaga Mission, one of three LDS missions in the country.