In the Church, we often discuss the era of the Restoration and then skip forward to today. But the history of church is rich with fascinating, dramatic, and faith affirming stories from every era. Now, master storyteller T.C. Christensen is bringing one such story to life. His latest film takes us to Germany, days before the outbreak of what we now call World War 2, to tell the true story of the dangers and challenges involved in evacuating all of the Latter-day Saint missionaries out of the country before it would become impossible to do so.

See the trailer below:

I had the opportunity to play a small role in this film and loved observing the attention to detail that brought this time and place to life despite so much of it being filmed here in Utah. I was amazed at the way a train car could be transformed by set dressings and costumed background actors and then transformed one step further by lighting, fog, and expert camera work.

All this was in service of a script that brings you into an element of this oft-explored time period than you probably knew nothing about. As we all know, just because missionaries all wear the badge and are called to serve the Lord doesn’t mean they have the same instincts and reactions to unexpected challenges. The way that so many individual personalities and sensibilities were utilized in what became a truly divine rescue is truly a worthwhile exploration into just how willing the Lord is to make us his instruments just as we are.

I can’t wait to see how the film came together. It is not to be missed.

Escape from Germany is coming to theaters in April 2024. CLICK HERE to learn more.