You are always looking for ways to bolster your preparedness and make sure you have socked away enough food in case of a crisis.  Well, in celebration of Meridian’s 18th birthday this month, we’ve been setting aside a large supply of food to do just that for you–give away more than $1,000 worth of this 10-25 year shelf-life food to the winner.

food photography fresh and Thrive products

We’ve tried these products and love them.  We take them with us to Oman when we are working at Nephi’s Bountiful in our archaeological digs there.  We have filled our pantries with them and want you to do the same.

Here’s the contest:  You just sign up on Meridian’s mailing list and you’ll get 5 entries.  Refer your friends and you can add up to ten more entries for yourself!  You’ll see what to do below.  And look at all we’re giving away down below.

This is a real celebration!  In this giveaway package we will include the following (based on items in stock):

Red Seedless Grapes – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Raspberries – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Fuji Apple Slices – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Peach Slices – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Pineapple Chunks – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

9 Grain Cracked Cereal – #10 Can

Instant Brown Rice – #10

Instant White Rice – #10 Can

Whole Wheat Flour – #10 Can

Creamy Wheat Cereal – #10 Can

Quick Oats – #10 Can

Golden Cornbread Mix – #10 Can

Classic Cookie Dough Mix – #10 Can

Fudge Brownie Mix – #10 Can

Sweet Corn – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Green Beans – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Carrot Dices – #10 Can

Broccoli – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Chopped Onions – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Mashed Potatoes – #10 Can

Instant Black Beans – #10 Can

Kidney Beans – #10 Can

Ground Beef – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Chopped Chicken – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Instant Refried Beans – #10 Can

Beef Dices – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Tomato Sauce- 2 Pantry Cans

Béchamel- 2 Pantry Cans

Velouté- 2 Pantry Cans

Shredded Cheddar Cheese – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Pomegranate Yogurt Bites – #10 Can

Instant Milk – 2 #10 Cans

Basil- Spice Can

Cilantro- Spice Can

Oregano- Spice Can

Italian Seasoning Blend- Spice Can

Peppercorn- Spice Can

Pure Vanilla Powder – Spice Can

Orange Bliss – #10 Can

Gourmet Hot Cocoa – #10

Mango – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – Freeze Dried – #10 Can

Now that’s a lot of wonderful food to add to your storage.  It’s worth entering the contest and sharing this opportunity with lots of friends. The more you share, the more your chances increase to win!