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During late May, Elder D. Todd Christofferson, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, visited with people throughout Bolivia and Peru with his wife, Sister Kathy Christofferson.

Members and missionaries of the Church and community leaders had opportunities to hear Elder Christofferson’s testimony of the Savior as he stopped in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, as well as Iquitos, Chiclayo and Lima, Peru.

Forgiving and being forgiven

Cochabamba, home of the first Latter-day Saint temple in Bolivia, hosted a devotional for young single adults in the area on May 20, a leadership meeting on the following day, and a multistake conference on Sunday, May 22, according to the Church’s Bolivia Newsroom.

Elder Christofferson testified of the power that comes from keeping covenants. He said faith in Jesus Christ grows only by exercising it, by serving others, striving to be obedient, repenting and studying the scriptures.

He also talked about the importance of forgiveness.

“We all have the opportunity to forgive and be forgiven, so let us do that and leave everything else in the hands of the Lord,” he said. “Let us move forward with a spirit of joy, with love for all.”

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