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Four years ago, the LDS Church published its landmark website and invited LGBT church members to “stay with us.”

On Tuesday, the faith’s leaders provided greater clarity and emphasis on the sensitive issues related to sexual orientation with a long-anticipated relaunch of the site, complete with important changes to its name and location, and significant new content.

The new resides on the official church website,

“The site is part of the official website of the church and what is on it is just as official as everything else that is on that website, and that’s a change,” said Elder Von G. Keetch, executive director of the church’s public affairs department and a General Authority Seventy.

The new web address plays a major role.

“The ‘Mormon and Gay’ title makes clear that someone can be both Mormon and feel same-sex attraction or identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Mormon and gay,” said Elder L. Whitney Clayton, the senior president of the Quorums of the Seventy, in an interview with the Deseret News.

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