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July 15, 2024

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RebeccaKJune 21, 2016

This one sounded a little crazy to me when I read the title, but after reading the article, I think I get it! I've tended to give little attention to my food, and thus found little satisfaction in it. This is certainly a holistic approach!

AmyMay 27, 2016

Thanks for this article. This may be actually harder to do than eating half a meal. Not because I can't write a poem but b/c I find it difficult to get outside of my own head and just be in the moment. I'll try this experiment.

LauraMay 18, 2016

Thank you for this encouragement to live more mindfully, and pay attention with all five senses to the experience of eating. My 82 year old mother still stops me to lovingly admire colors and forms of fruit and vegetables on her kitchen counter and I have been trained by her to be sure the rainbow is represented on my plate. Now to write poetry about it! Thank you Eyres for your encouragement and counsel through the years.



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