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February 8, 2023

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Chad AstonMarch 8, 2016

Hi Ron, the site is very large. The wadi mouth is more than 2 km across, the entire fertile area extends much further, into Yemen on the western coast. There are still large trees (fig, tamarind, palm etc) still in the valley today which are suitable for ship building. So no need to import timber from anywhere.

Ron SnyderMarch 7, 2016

What is the total size of the site? Is there evidence of where the timber to build the ship came from, and how far it had to be transported? Your reports make me feel like I'm right there. Thank you.

John PetersMarch 5, 2016

For those getting excited about this, watch the trailer for the new movie LEHI IN ARABIA at The website also has research and contact links. The movie is well worth a watch and will make you feel like you've been there

JanealMarch 4, 2016

It is so interesting to read about the incredible work you are doing. We are all praying for you. It reminds me of when I was a young girl and was so fascinated to be able to dig for treasures in the street in front of our house. The city was putting in some new curb and guttering That summer I was 11 years of age. I spent most of my days digging out there and finding old Ink. well bottles and colored glass bottles. It was an amazing adventure for a young girl. Since then I've always loved finding treasures. I wish I still had that basket full of bottles that I found so long ago. Apparently our street had been a dumping site and had been covered over for years until the city put in a new one.

dave mcfarlandMarch 4, 2016

May I suggest that someone there take the materials, smelt some iron ore, and build some iron tools? This wild be a killer reponse to critics of the Book of Mormon. If you get this message, please answer at the email address given [email protected] with subject IRON TOOLS. I would appreciate a response. Thank you, Dave McFarland

Jody LivingstonMarch 3, 2016

keep up the good work. I'm with Tracy, what does one of us lay person's need to do to be involved and assist in the dig?

NancyMarch 2, 2016

Please continue to keep us informed. I so enjoy reading of your work. Thank you for making this possible for those of us so very far away.

Tracy LoseeMarch 2, 2016

I look forward to these reports every day - so incredibly exciting! I'll be anxious to hear what a lay person needs to do to come over there and sift some dirt!

JenniferMarch 2, 2016

Thank you so much for the pictures. It is a wonderful insite to this incredible expedition.

Michael Shea, MDMarch 2, 2016

Thanks so much for the daily updates!



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