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August 6, 2020

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Jane BirchMay 1, 2015

Brian: Congratulations on following the spirit to do the right thing for your daughter and finding success! That is wonderful. I hope you realize, however, that your experience in no way discounts the Lord’s word in the Word of Wisdom. He designed this revelation for our time. He completely understands the circumstances in our day, and He has declared that all grains are good and ordained to be the “staff of life” and meat should be eaten sparingly and preferably only in times of need. Your daughter may well be an exception, but that is my point: this is an exception to the Lord’s rule. I hope you’ll not discourage others from fully following the Lord’s counsel because of the exceptional experience of some individuals. Bless you! (For those interested in the question of wheat, please see:

Brian HApril 30, 2015

After much prayer and study, my wife and I decided to put our 15 month daughter on a grain-free diet for 18 months. While it flew in the face of the word of wisdom, we felt led to the diet by the spirit. By giving her a diet high in natural fats, along with plenty of cooked vegetables, we were able to cure her autism. It's nearly impossible to live a perfect word of wisdom diet in our modern era- to do so would require you to grow all of your own food because of the prevalence of GMO and highly processed foods. The wheat we have today is not the wheat of Joseph smith's day. To ignore these facts and use hundred year old quotes to support a vegetarian agenda is irresponsible in my opinion.



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