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August 12, 2020

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AndrewOctober 17, 2014

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. We will definitely be packing a suitcase.

JkcookOctober 11, 2014

So, did you get any response? Can you print a follow-up?

Dale WightSeptember 16, 2014

This is a wonderful work and I hope others create similar programs. BUT, returned missionaries fall away in many parts of Africa as they are unable to find any better work than they had before their missions -- street vendors, etc. Many feel that they gave the time to the Church to serve their missions but that the Church, or the Lord, doesn't care about them after their missions. This discouragement leads to inactivity or apostasy. It's worse inn the cases in which they don't find employment after PEF-funded education because they have the same lack of income and the PEF debt. There are some points of light. President Russel Mbaya, of the Binza Stake in Democratic Republic of the Congo, also is an area manager for LDS Employment, He has created training programs -- such as the 900 people trained in Cisco internet work -- that are creating jobs for returned missionaries and other LDS. He also is looking for ways to help RMs start their own businesses. However, the need for post-mission help is greater than the solutions now in place.

Judy HoppeSeptember 14, 2014

Very touching article. Once again we see God has prepared a people in one place, and 3 beautiful sisters in another and uses them to put His plan together. His ways are so above our ways. I cried all through the article, at the simple faith and hope of such humble youth. People like them truly are the hope of the world. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to contribute to this noble cause. Thanks again.

Linda AllenSeptember 12, 2014

The caption under the video says "they need all donations by Sept 29 for shipment" I tried to take several bags of clothes and scriptures to the Humanitarian Center on Bennett on 9/12/14 and they couldn't take them. According to them, they can't accept them until Sept 29 from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. Hope this saves someone a trip.

Bonnie StanfieldSeptember 12, 2014

One thing that will help you be able to pack everything in 1 suitcase is to use Space Saver bags. I packed a suitcase this summer for a boy in Guatemala who was wanting to go on a mission too. My son was going down on a Nutri-Tour with Liahona Childrens Foundation and he took the suitcase all packed and ready for a missionary. With no income to speak of the cost of scriptures, passports, medical and dental applications are an impossibility. Bless these sisters for their efforts to help these great kids. Thank you to "No Poor Among Them" for posting this article on Face Book.

Ann ChurchSeptember 10, 2014

I wanted to share this article with my eight adult children and some friends. I am sure some of them would like to help the effort, but, alas, I cannot share it! I have tried eleven times over the past three days to email it and have been unsuccessful, even though I was told that it had been sent. Extremely frustrating!!

JoAnn StephensSeptember 8, 2014

This is so wonderful. I recently transcribed the account of my father's missionary experience in Zimbabwe as one of the first 3 missionaries to struggle to serve there. How he would have loved to see this day.

Laurie LarsonSeptember 8, 2014

I am touched by how our Heavenly Father knows each one of His children and how we can each help Him. Thank you for letting us know! I am excited to pack a suitcase!! My son was in South Arfica and I am vested in these missionaries.

Matthew M. DavisSeptember 7, 2014

The lord is preparing that land for greater work. These young missionaries are the one the lord going to you use to turn things around in that land. Thank you for helping these young missionaries to serve the lord. May the lord bless you all.

Tyler NicholesSeptember 7, 2014

Esther Williams - The missionary church funds are used to help pay for missionaries while on their mission (rent, food, supplies, taxi fare, traveling costs, etc...) It is left up to the prospective missionary to pay for the costs to get on a mission. I lived in Harare for a few years and am so happy to see so many of the youth going on missions. It will bless their lives forever.

AndrewSeptember 6, 2014

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. We will definitely be packing a suitcase.

Sue MurriSeptember 6, 2014

Loved the article and your classes at education week. Thanks for all the good work you do, and for sharing your bright light. May you and your family be continually blessed.

Vanessa TonksSeptember 6, 2014

There is something very special about the people of Zimbabwe. So many of them work in South Africa, all of them that I have had contact with have impressed me with their hard work and integrity.

Sister FranceSeptember 6, 2014

My husband and I are senior missionaries in the Cape Town South Africa mission office and you are so on, the Zimbabwe missionaries here are outstanding. Our Branch President and his wife are also from Zimbabwe and we love them dearly.

Martie SmithSeptember 6, 2014

Is this September of this year? Do we need to supply what they need?

Harold RustSeptember 6, 2014

Thanks again to Meridian for publishing a heart-warming story that just otherwise might not make it out to some of us who aren't living in the Salt Lake area. This story is a vivid reminder that the gospel is being enthusiastically embraced by people whose background and culture are often very different but whose expressions of spiritual insight are very much parallel to our own. I did send in a check.

JoannSeptember 6, 2014

Here's a beautiful article about missionary work in Africa.

Diane KunkelSeptember 6, 2014

I recently heard these three women speak in St. George, Utah, and they are remarkable! I have been so touched by their efforts to help these missionaries in Zimbabwe.

Vickie WagstaffSeptember 5, 2014

Just a thought. In my Stake here in S. California, we have partnered with the Catholic Church who has a food bank. Every time we have a large Stake gathering we collect donations for their food bank. With the General Woman's broadcast being on Sunday night, 9/28, wouldn't it be nice to have women attending at their Stake Centers, to bring a donation of one of the items noted above. Being in SLC, someone could then take them to the donation center the following morning. Just a thought.

Esther WilliamsSeptember 5, 2014

I don't understand why our missionary funds aren't used for people so destitute like them. I'm glad it worked out for them but I think there are many who don't go because of the costs.

Aleni FuatimauSeptember 5, 2014

I am very grateful to these great sisters for helping those young people. are hastening the work of the Lord. ..God bless you and the young people of Zimbabwe. .Thank you Maurine for sharing this wonderful story.

JanetSeptember 5, 2014

Wow - That got me all choked up for sure! Wonderful and inspirational young people. The Lord must be so proud of them as well, and will guide them and be with them. Will go over my budget and send what I can come up with - I don't need the clothes I thought I did!

herm olsenSeptember 5, 2014

LOVE IT! What a special effort. Now I've got to go back and read how I can contribute. Thanks for sharing this great story!

loufran peter duncanSeptember 5, 2014

I read this article with tears in my eyes. I am from pretoria south africa and know that the missionaries from africa Are a very special breed. Thank you to the 3 sisters for their help and dedication. The never ending influence of this good work will be felt for generations to come and continue from generation to generation, as more and more join the gospel of christ and roll forth at a greater pace. And returned missionaries help strengthen and anchor the church in this part of the lords vineyard. Again I say well done and let many now contribute to this fantastic effort

joseph StewartSeptember 5, 2014

This is a wonderful article. I'm glad you included a way I and others can help. Those of us who are planning to attend October General Conference can come a few days early and help pack the containers.



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