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November 29, 2023

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GinaJune 25, 2021

As someone who was once this angry wife, may I tell you what I did one time when the anger I felt toward the other woman and toward the way my husband's mother was treating me overcame me. I thought of the people they cared about most. I contacted his children and told them the truth about their mother. Not something I am proud of, but something that can happen to you. You must remove yourself and your marriage to another place. Get off social media. Forever, because the anger can last decades. And anyone can go on to your Facebook page and post the details for all to read. I know because I did. This is anger that may not die for decades.

Neil CJune 21, 2021

There are few topics more raw and devastating than infidelity. There is a clip on YouTube by Esther Perel that I would recommend viewing where infidelity is addressed, recognising and addressing the reasons for infidelity without excusing it. Most importantly, on how to heal from it and how a marriage can actually become stronger despite it.

Maryann TaylorJune 21, 2021

The author here is giving great advice. I would take it one step further--You may need to move. I know that is extreme, but it is probably very painful for your husband to still have these people in living in your area, and having the wife at your work is going to be a long term reminder of what happened.

JoJune 21, 2021

Perhaps the impression you give is not accurate, but you sound rather selfish. I think you do owe it to this wronged woman to humbly put up with her anger toward you. You deserve it. She did not deserve what you did to her. Be flippant about it and all the women who know you will not trust you.

KellieJune 19, 2021

I believe you are seriously underestimating the anger and hatred this woman has for you and rightfully so. Your behavior was disgraceful. You might consider some serious remorse and acknowledgement of the wrongfulness of your behavior and the long-lasting damage it has done to her life. This is something that may haunt the rest of your life. There will be other people whom she tells, or her husband does, or her sister or mother or best friend. Someday it will probably get back to your family, your friends, your children. The cost has just begun to be paid. I wish you the best, but have you considered moving across country where you can start afresh?

MarciaJune 18, 2021

YOU started the problem, you need to end it. GET ANOTHER JOB! Seeing you on a daily basis will keep her from being able to deal with her husband. Seeing you will never stop being a daily constant reminder of his betrayal. no matter if you can't find another job or one as good a your current one... that is the price you pay for what you have done. GET ANOTHER JOB! You are torturing her with her having to see you on a daily basis. She did nothing wrong, YOU did...part of your restitution in your repentance process is to not make it worse for her even if it inconviences you. GET ANOTHER JOB! It's the least you can do to begin making amends so she can begin to heal. I cannot stress this enough! GET ANOTHER JOB! Show that you are really sorrowful for your terrible actions that is causing her world to have shattered! Take responsibility for what damage you have caused! GET ANOTHER JOB!



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