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May 15, 2022

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Bryan EllsworthSeptember 8, 2013

What a wonderful thing you have done and are doing. Norman Borlaug who spent his life helping the poor in all Latin America and Africa said that the biggest deterrent to his cause were those critics of progress and nay sayers of doing good.who find it easier to critic than to create. So there will always be a "Jefferson" in the crowd to bring attention to himself. But never fear he'll never go near! I have taught college gardening and am currently in Mexico helping to raise the corn yields. I would love to help design the basic gardening techniques for extremely efficient garden production. My dream would be to travel with you but my situation is unpredictable at the moment.

Nathan TooneApril 21, 2013

Have you heard of another Utah-based non-profit organization called I was part of the mechanical engineering team at BYU who invented the Village Drill, a hand-powered drill that they're using in Kenya and Tanzania to provide affordable solutions to water well drilling. They would love to work with you and it could be a great joint-effort. See their website - Good luck!

TANGLED HJX April 14, 2013

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LucyMarch 30, 2013

Thanks for the inspiring article and amazing pictures. Those children are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your experience. How did you happen to pick this little village?

KevanMarch 27, 2013

After reading these stories, and after visiting Africa twice, it is difficult to see the struggles for food, at every turn. Over-population is the problem, not just food production, so one of the smartest donations is a 6 inch piece of latex, & plenty of them!

victoriaMarch 25, 2013

How much is it to go?

Jennifer GossMarch 14, 2013

My daughter was one of the students that went on the expedition last year, and was also a founding member of this club. I want to clarify for Jefferson. Of course this club is open to any student that wishes to join. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet. You need look no further than the school children in M'bele to see that. (Christians and Muslims living in love and friendship each day). I can't tell you how much work these students and their families put in to make last years project a reality. I would hope that readers choose to see an opportunity to practice true religion no matter your God. For only in the love and service of others do we cultivate the divine in ourselves.

Maurine ProctorMarch 14, 2013

It just happened that the kids who went on this trip were all LDS. Far from being elitist, these kids who went worked extra jobs and scrambled hard to find the money to do this.

Nashon OtiatoMarch 14, 2013

Dear I love it very much you are really doing God's will to care for the children, I will pray with you, and I do ask you to pray with me for our heavenly Father as called me to care and work with the children in Nyanza Province Migori County. Your brother Nashon Otiato.

Coral Anna FosterMarch 14, 2013

being African by birth, I am so touched by this generosity for the people of M'bele, Kenya. I urge anyone who is able to go - please go! Truly your life will be changed and you will be doing such a great service. As your hands bless these people, you will be blessed beyond measure. I wish that I could be among the workers, but will have to compensate with my heart and my pocketbook. Hamba kashle to you all.

JeffersonMarch 14, 2013

Is this humanitarian club (which was founded at a public school) restricted to only LDS students, as the headline of this article would indicate? Also, we love and support Meridian and wish for its success, but would politely caution that this article seems a bit "elitist" (with the Lone Peak comments) and more-than a little self-serving. We wish "The Africa Club" all the best in their service projects!

Colleen March 14, 2013

Wouldn't it be nice if the creators of the broadway hit Book of Mormon donated the money? Does anyone have any connections to ask?



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