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October 28, 2020

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LAMBAugust 30, 2020

Ever watched a movie and you are almost screaming at the guy to put his arm around the lady or tell her what happened or how he feels? Instead he just stares blankly or walks out of the room. Anyway some people have no capacity to care for others if it takes more than a day or two. With two big health crisis in a year, he is obviously overwhelmed. Too many people marry for physical attraction and not because they truly care for the other person and want to be there for the bad as well as the good that happens in life. In sickness and in health is a marriage vow.

Diane StubbsAugust 28, 2020

I hate to say it, but sounds like he is cheating.

PattieAugust 21, 2020

When going through life or death instances we do feel vulnerable and helpless. At those times we need our spouse beside us and give us courage to go on. Interestingly, we see movies where the husband is sitting by the wife in the hospital bed holding hands and the husband has a deep concern for his wife’s health. That is the example we want to have by our husbands, but some husbands have a hard time showing sympathy or empathy. I know because I have one of those types of husbands. When I had my pulmonary embolism, it was scary. My husband took me to the hospital. I was in the hospital for 5 days. He went back to work, never sat close or held my hand. I felt abandoned, but I didn’t want to say anything to him because his job was more important than me. As I look back now, I feel selfish. He did the best he could to be with me. When I found out I had cancer the year before, it was the same situation. He did take me to my first chemo appointment but then after that I was responsible to getting myself there for my treatment. I had to be independent, I couldn’t tell him about my fear Of being like my mother who had died of the same cancer many years previous because I didn’t think he would understand. I truly believe that when we feel emotionally abandoned by our spouses, we can always rely upon the Lord to comfort us in those times of helplessness. Forgiveness, true forgiveness is the only way to help relationships heal.



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