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August 12, 2022

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CJune 26, 2020

I agree that there are certain prejudices we don't recognize in ourselves. But I have never felt like a racist. I have a Hispanic, a Filipino, and a Navajo sister-in-law. I have a black son-in-law and three black grandchildren. I love them all dearly. I have worked globally with many different cultures and peoples I also recognize that there are certain types of changes that do need to be made and that effort should be ongoing so that respect is universal. But I am concerned about using the feeling of marginalization to explode, to Riot, or to threaten, or undermine others is so very wrong and not the right way to handle changing Prejudice where it exists.

Dana kingJune 24, 2020

It is absolutely true that the atonement changes us. I have observed that the most empathetic people toward blacks, actually walk the walk with them and experience their life with them. I’ve seen and experienced systemic racism in many forms. And have many different blacks friends of different backgrounds. Empathy is born of experience. Listening and believing their stories is about the most important thing we can do.

David FinkJune 22, 2020

Missing the point, for a Christian: "Where there is grace there is no place for Race". Gal. 3:28. The only way racism can be seen or exercised is through the prism of Identity Politics. ie: Ku Klux Klan or Black Lives Matter. Both objectify the individual person. Both have co-opted the individual into a mass weapon. David

Steve ZeiglerJune 22, 2020

To an extent we are all judgemental, and I'm not sure that is always bad. Being aware would be a good thing before one wandered through some of the seedier areas in Chicago or Baltimore. How wonderful it is to sit in our safe and secure environment and decide how racist we might be. If we ignore progress, having just elected a black president for two terms with a overwhelmingly white voter base for example, it is easy to say yes, we are all racists. There is a reason the world still flocks to this least af all racist nations in the world. Are we perfect, no. Do we have traits and generational predujuces that we can work on to become more Christlike? Of course. Realizing that we are all literally brothers and sisters and spirit children of God is vital in our understanding of all of those around us.



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