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December 4, 2021

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RoxyLynneMarch 9, 2020

Thanks for these great insights into grand parenting!

Rylee FrenchMarch 7, 2020

I love love reading your grandparent articles!! Wonderful tips and ideas!! Keep them coming

Michelle MechamMarch 5, 2020

I find this to be so true. Having moved from my home country to Utah my homesickness i turned into stories for my children which helped me and them. We would talk about other things too that i learned in school so they were getting a bit of education at home as well as school and they found they had better self esteem and general knowledge. Thanks for this message. I need to pass it on.

S. LarkinMarch 4, 2020

After recently attending the Roots Tech Family Discovery Day, I feel that your words ring true and affirm the importance of family narratives to build grit in grandchildren. Thanks for your words.

PaulineMarch 4, 2020

We are quite new at grand-parenting and I appreciate your article. I will pass it on and suggest putting up pictures and tell more stories. Stories are very powerful! I know that from my own experience. Thank you!



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