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May 25, 2020

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ShereeJuly 25, 2019

While I agree this was amazing technology and thoughtful themes expressed this is not a kids movie. Stay with the earlier one for young children. It is very, very violent-more so than the original. Tender hearted little ones will likely have a hard time with this. This is so real that the violence is even worse. In the animated it was hard enough with Scar and Simba in slow motion. If you have children who deal with night mares this may not be for them.

Ron ClarkJuly 23, 2019

Sadly, this reviewer missed the beauty behind Lion King. It's her opinion, however, and she's entitled to it, but for the many we know, including ourselves, the Lion King rings with great drama, compassion, magnificent cinematography, and a level of computer-aided technique that transcends anything produced by Disney thus far. Audiences are proving the critics wrong. It's a must-see that touches the heart and rekindles the beauty of the original. The two art-forms were not meant to clash with each other. The new generation of film production in this case is a true compliment to the original. Take with a grain of salt the negatives. See the movie, sit back and enjoy the talent of gifted souls who labor long and hard to entertain us. Disney accomplished it and then some.

Ken HazelbakerJuly 23, 2019

You are too harsh - we loved the movie = absolutely enthralled with the realism of the technology We think they did a terrible disgrace to Elton John's circle of life The singer sounded amateur and shallow you left out a good thought about being the reflection of our father as he looked in the pool Having been to Africa on a safari hunt the realism of the animals was greatly appreciated - even to the syncopation of their individual gaits choreographed to the music. why can't you just sit back enjoy the movie for what it is instead of making such clinically detailed analysis? Like who cares who the actors are let's just enjoy the movie



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