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August 4, 2020

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Kenny MazzantiJune 6, 2019

I have wondered about the reasons for the cataclysmic events that occurred on the American continents upon the Saviors crucifixion. In Jerusalem there followed three hours of darkness. In the Americas it was three days. In Jerusalem there was a quake. In the Americas the rocks were broken up, the whole face of the land was changed, cities were burned, buried in the ocean or crushed by mountains. Not to mention the myriads of people killed as a result. Granted that many of the people in the Americas were wicked, as there has been in all ages and in all places, but in Jerusalem the people actually cried out for the Saviors crucifixion, he was illegally tried, scourged, and crucified, and we have no record of mass extinction or destruction. The people in the Americas, as we call it, had nothing to do with the events in Jerusalem, and yet there is little comparison to the destructive events on these two different continents? Fortunately, I know that the Lord knows why this had to happen as it did, and I trust Him absolutely. But, does anyone have thoughts on why the great difference?



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