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April 7, 2020

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vickieDecember 26, 2018

THIS IS such a wonderful story. I feel sad when I think of the people in Africa suffering like they do and having a government that seems to be in chaos. Im happy when I think of how this young man made it through all of these things and how lonely he must have felt going through all of this. I know that God must have a plan for him and that is why He helped him get through all of this turmoil. God bless him and keep him.

sandra kischDecember 26, 2018

I am so grateful for a Prophet and the direction he follows from our Savior. We always need to reach out to those who are seeking a helping hand. Ministering as we have been asked to do by President Nelson. I recently gained a new grandson who married my granddaughter. He is from Zimbabwe and I love him so much. He is a member of the church and serves in a Bishopric. How blessed we are for the gospel as it leads and guides us.

sandra kischDecember 26, 2018

This is an amazing story. It impressed in my mind that we have to always have an open mind and heart to reach out when we see a need. We need to follow the Lord in being our brothers keeper. How often have I turned my back? I do hope it has not been often. As this world gets harsher we need to love one another and this is where our Prophet has guided us into Ministering to one another. I am so grateful for the gospel and for those who lead and guide us through the priesthood of God.

bluewaterDecember 11, 2018

Thank you for this story.

Trudy EleyDecember 10, 2018

Thank u so much for sharing your story! Truly inspiring and touching. A very special man of God!

John FoxDecember 4, 2018

I am the privileged person to be Leonard Balgawa's neighbor in Provo. Over the past few years I've gotten to know him and his beautiful family better. He is truly an amazing person! When obstacles present themselves to him, even though he's never dealt with them before, he simply goes to work and learns how to do what needs to be done by himself or with the help of others. I've watched as he has repaired a very damaged sprinkler system, replaced all the carpet in his house with new flooring, got his roof repaired, repaired his back fence, put in a garden, etc., all through his initiative and hard work. He is full of faith and courage, and has remained steadfast even in the face of some of Utah's worst racism. He's always happy and always helping everyone he can help. I cherish him as my neighbor and my brother!

Robert WilliamsDecember 4, 2018

It is always good to hear Leonard.s story again. He is an amazing young man with a beautiful family. Yet he still finds time to help others. I.m happy that I can call him a good friend.

Cheryl QuinnDecember 4, 2018

I came back from a tour to Africa in October. I met a number of friends there in Zimbabwe, Sweto in Johannesburg, Botswana and Zambia including a pastor at Lake Victoria. I forwarded this wonderful story to all of them plus three missionary grandsons in South America. it is worth sharing. Excellent writing job, Michaela.

Sue WinmillDecember 3, 2018

This is wonderful to read about the many miracles Leonard experienced as he fled from captivity and other severe trials. It is clear that the hand of the Lord was leading him and miraculous that he heard a voice directing him. I have heard his story as he told it to a group at the UVU International Office a few months go and have the privilege of associating with Leonard frequently. Thank you so much, Michaela Proctor Hutchins, for interviewing him and writing this story.

Mary E V HillDecember 3, 2018

What a touching account of Heavenly Father's personal love and awareness of each of us - His children! Leonard Bagalwa is truly a beloved child of our Heavenly Father. His miraculous story is such an inspiration!

VirginiaDecember 3, 2018

What a worth while story for ANY time of year! This happens every day to some of us in small ways, but his story is an eye-opener as to Heavenly Father and a mother's prayers.



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