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August 9, 2022

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charliebrown2292September 10, 2018

Geoff's feedback in this story matches that of a Church General Authority. I remember President Monson expressing such grief over having to cancel so many Temple marriages. I am sure that following Brother Steuer's advice would save many marriages, that otherwise end up in divorce for all kinds of what the world considers as "irreconcilable differences"...Truman G. Madsen; one of the greatest Church Scholars and spiritual Leaders the Church ever had once quipped, "there are two types of marriages: difficult ones that end up in divorce, and difficult ones."

Leigh Ann SmithSeptember 10, 2018

I think she should seek counsel from Marie Osmond. I also think she should go to the temple often and be active in the Church, on her own. She should ask forgiveness of her ex-husband and children for breaking up the family. She will be with them in the eternities after all. Sometimes the grass is not greener.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 8, 2018

Very good advice. I also think when we are struggling, it is common for us to wish we could go back into a past relationship as an escape from the reality of the present. Often, our memory of the past is foggy or idealized and we forget why we gave up that relationship in the first place.

Suzy J.September 7, 2018

Proof that wickedness never was happiness.

Wendy GerberSeptember 7, 2018

I am married to a 7th day adventure and we have a were Rocky marriages. I have had lots of viable abuse. And don't even know if I love him any more. Your advice is useful and I will try and see if I can make a difference. Thanks

MarySeptember 7, 2018

Your counsel is wise and profound. Thank you!!



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