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September 26, 2022

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Nicola in nzJune 1, 2018

Re are mentioned in the LDS perspective podcast just released this week. Its nice to ' meet you!' They didn't say who you were or what ended up happening but your story was mentioned. Must have been very frustrating for you both but I'm sure you learnt a lot because of it .

Norma Rigby BenchJune 1, 2018

My heart is full as I read these articles about the gospel and Priesthood. My husband and I were called with 3 others to open up the Nigerian Mission in October of 1962 by President McKay. We left in December to go to New York where we would wait for our Visas to come at anytime. The mission was announced in January of 1963 and then our families knew exactly where we had been called. We helped in the Branch in Riverhead and thought we would leave at anytime, but due to difficulties in Africa we were not able to fulfill our mission in Nigeria, but spent two years in New York. Our hearts always had a yearning for those people to become members of the Church and was elated with the revelation about the Priesthood. I am now the only living one that received that mission call, which is still so dear to my heart..



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