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There is a special feeling in the air during Christmas time—the feeling that miracles can happen and the world really is good. That feeling that you want to give a little more and love more sincerely. That’s how my husband and I felt after seeing the movie “Christmas Jars”.

Based off of Jason F. Wright’s beloved novel, “Christmas Jars” tells the story of Hope Jensen, a new reporter searching for the story that will be her big break. Her earnestness at work is hard to watch as she is treated poorly by her boss, but what deepens your investment in her is the sorrow she feels at the loss of her adoptive mother.

Feeling completely alone in the world during Christmas time, she opens her front door to find a jar of change labeled “Christmas Jar”. Not only is she touched by the anonymous gift, but she finds that others in need around town have also gotten Christmas jars. In her effort to find a good story, she begins an investigation to find who started this phenomenon.

While there are traces of the cheesy Hallmark movie vibes, the “Christmas Jars” story is so much more than a silly romantic comedy. The book and movie tell the story of hope, connection and belonging and may even inspire you to start your own Christmas jar tradition. It’s simple: place a jar on your counter at the beginning of the year and put your loose change in it throughout the coming months. When Christmas time comes, talk as a family about who may be in need and leave it anonymously at their door.

In fact, the impact of Wright’s book has reached far beyond your typical fiction book, inspiring readers all over the country to start their own Christmas jar tradition and blessing so many people’s lives.

“It’s tough to articulate what it means to see ‘Christmas Jars’ finally coming to life,” said Wright. “I’m so thrilled with what the team has done and that I don’t have to pretend to like the adaptation of my novel. I’m absolutely in love with it. Even more than buying a ticket and eating some popcorn, I want folks to go home and join the ‘Christmas Jars’ movement by putting a jar on their counter, filling it up and giving it away anonymously to someone in need during the holidays.”

My husband and I admittedly cried big tears watching this movie and came home to start our own jar. Watching “Christmas Jars” was the prefect beginning to the Christmas season.

Excel Films will begin distributing the ‘Christmas Jars’ DVD nationally on Tuesday, Dec. 3. You can purchase the “Christmas Jars” DVD HERE.