The following is excerpted from the Church Newsroom. To read the full report, CLICK HERE.

Based on the results and the feedback received during the testing, a new and simplified navigation menu on will be launched in the coming weeks in 10 languages.

Today, the Church’s website offers over 98 links in the main navigation for people to sort through in order to find what they want. Feedback from website visitors has indicated that having so many options makes the site confusing to navigate. Earlier this year, the Church took a significant step toward improving the study experience on with the launch of the Gospel Library Online. (See related story).

With the upcoming changes, instead of having study content such as scriptures, magazines, lesson manuals, and general conference spread out across the various navigation menus of the website, you will be able to find all study-related content in the online Gospel Library—a single-access point similar to the Gospel Library mobile app. “This change allows you to stay in a focused environment that is optimized for a study experience,” said Lyman Kirkland, director of channels. “Due to the consolidation of study material on the website, we felt a simplified navigation was needed.”

To read the full report, CLICK HERE.