Mother’s Day is around the corner and why not celebrate her with books about her, for her and honoring her. The following books are all picture books and could be given to mom from family members of all ages unless otherwise indicated.

In Every Life, by Marla Frazee, is a breathtakingly illustrated booke capturing universal moments experienced by all. However, its resonance with mothers is profound, as it acknowledges the indispensable role they play in navigating life’s journey. This oversized gem unveils diverse emotions and occurrences across its open-pages, each one accompanied by vivid examples. From the awe of childbirth depicted with tender images of expectant mothers, newborns cradled in hospital beds, to the comforting presence of grandmothers, every turn reveals a new tableau. The artwork, crafted in pencil and gouache, is nothing short of magnificent, culminating in its well-deserved recognition with this year’s Caldecott Honor Award.

The Mommies on the Bus, by Hannah Eliot and beautifully brought to life by Airin O’Callaghan’s vibrant illustrations, is a delightful board book that resonates with the familiar tune, making it an ideal sing-along for babies and toddlers. While the classic bus song focuses on the mechanics of transportation, this heartwarming tale shifts its attention to the nurturing actions of mothers. From gentle reminders to sit down and say please and thank you, to the cherished moments of expressing love, it’s a sweet exploration of the everyday joys shared between moms and their little ones.

A Sundae with Everything On It, by Kyle Scheele and brought to life with vibrant illustrations employing gouache, pencil, and digital collage by Andy J. Pizza, is a joyful ode to the brilliance of mothers. When a child implores their mom for an ice cream outing, they boast of her as a super-genius scientist. Yet, humbly, she denies the title. However, the true extent of her magnificence is unveiled as she leads them on an interstellar journey to the cosmos. Amidst the wonders of space, the child learns a valuable lesson: that everything they seek can be found within the comforting embrace of home.

You are Loved, by Sujean Rim, is a heartfelt tribute to the boundless love mothers have for their children. Through poetic prose, the book unveils the myriad ways nature expresses affection for the child, culminating in the mother’s profound love. From the tender embrace of flowers offering vibrant bouquets to the endearing presence of the child adorned with bunny ears on every page, the illustrations, rendered in watercolor, pencil, and digital media, radiate warmth and charm.

You’ll Always be My Chickadee, by Kate Hosford and enhanced with exquisite illustrations employing gouache, watercolor, and pencil crayons, digitally refined by Sarah Gonzales, tenderly captures the essence of motherly love. Through rhythmic verses, each page of this enchanting tale draws parallels between the wonders of the natural world and the enduring affection a mother holds for her child. From the transformation of a caterpillar into a majestic butterfly to the gentle glow of the waxing moon, every image evokes the boundless love that blossoms with parenthood. Don’t miss the vibrant end pages that add a final burst of color to this enchanting journey.

Patchwork Prince, by Baptiste Paul and vividly illustrated by Kitt Thomas, exuberantly celebrates the profound impact of a mother’s love. Guided by his mother’s hand, a young boy embarks on a quest to embody the essence of royalty. In the journey woven through these pages, one realizes that their wealth lies not in material riches, but in the unbreakable bond of love they share. Drawing from the author’s own experiences, this enchanting tale invites readers to explore the inspiring backstory tucked at the book’s conclusion.

Cinnamon Bun, I Love You 1, by Amy Schwartz, ingeniously combines counting and expressions of maternal love, starting from one and reaching up to ten. The charming rhymes complement the delightful illustrations, creating a perfect harmony of sweetness. Each page reveals the next number along with its corresponding endearing rhyme. For instance, “Roller skate, I love you eight” accompanies the depiction of number eight. The vibrant illustrations, rendered in gouache, pen, and ink, add an extra layer of brightness to this heartwarming tale.

My Mother’s Tongues: A Weaving of Languages, by Uma Menon and beautifully illustrated with mixed media by Rahele Jomepour Bell, serves as a heartfelt tribute to the author’s mother. Fluent in both Malayalam and English, her mother’s linguistic abilities are likened to hopping rabbits, effortlessly shifting between languages. Although the family relocated from India to America before Uma’s birth, she has inherited and embraced both languages. Uma acknowledges her mother’s accented English as a subtle indicator of their roots. The enduring connection between heritage and language remains a cornerstone of her family’s identity. Remarkably, the author penned this touching narrative at the age of sixteen.