I love being an informed citizen.

But I find I often sway to popular opinion because I don’t spend the time to do sufficient research and rely on hearsay about candidates and issues. News from social media and broadcast networks can be convincing, but it is hard to know if it is reliable.

With the exception of after-the-fact voting records, I find it hard to find unbiased sources (do they even exist?) for how elected officials interact with fellow representatives and others when they represent me on the city, county, state and federal level of government.

Then I found CitizenPortal.AI.

CitizenPortal exists to help us, as citizens, stay informed about our local leaders. 

In essence, we can now know every word spoken by each of our elected officials on every issue we care about individually. 

It’s as easy as typing in a word or phrase and selecting a video from a meeting or session.

You can be alerted of new content in your city, state, or even the U.S. Congress.

CitizenPortal is still in beta, so expect some great features to be coming in the near future (and be patient with them as they improve their product).

In short, be informed. Then you can get as involved and engaged as your time and resources allow.
Check CitizenPortal out and comment below with your thoughts!