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“Just The Facts, Ma’am, Just The Facts.”
By Carolyn Allen

Author’s Note:  Once again, I am not a health professional and you should always consult your own physician.  For this article, I’m simply reporting,what people have written in. As Sergeant Joe Friday used to say on the old 50s TV show Dragnet, “Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.”  Today’s article includes ” just the facts” from an amazing array of health experiences from Meridian readers who have given up milk.

I am not advocating this position for any reader. As always, your health is a matter for you and your doctor, and you should consult him/her directly on all matters pertaining to your personal situation.The original article can be read HERE and the additional resources,including books and articles sent from readers can be quickly found here.

Just before my last article, “Got Milk? Got Colds and Tummy Aches?” was published, I hosted a “Mothers and Daughters” brunch for a departing sister missionary. No one knew about the article or our experience, and it wasn’t me that brought it up. The bishop’s wife had brought an enormous cut glass bowl, artistically filled with delicious bit-sized tidbits of fresh fruit:  kiwis, strawberries, fresh pineapple, oranges, melons and more. It was worthy of a painting.

Oohing and ahhing, one of the sisters shared that a neighbor (not LDS), whom she has watched walking for exercise in the neighborhood for years, had suddenly dropped 35 pounds in a very healthy way since last February (9 months  ago).  In addition, to the  weight loss, she had eliminated a strange, lop-sided gait that had plagued her for 30 years, and her doctor had reduced her thyroid medication 4 times.  She looks and feels like a different person.  What had she done to improve her health so dramatically?

Departing from her regular physician, she had gone to an acupuncturist.  The first thing he did was have her eliminate beef, dairy, sugar and coffee. (I called and confirmed this with this woman, and it was all true.  Continuing acupuncture treatments, the diet and herbal therapy have brought about these results.  Needless to say, she is thrilled and feels like a new person.  “Since the weight had come on slowly over many years, I didn’t know how bad I was really feeling until the weight is gone and I can move again!” she says.)

The ensuing conversation at the brunch, however, revealed the strong emotions and bond we all have to these foods.  One of the sisters shared that they had eliminated milk with a son with uncontrollable anger problems.  There was a remarkable – and very quick — improvement.  For Christmas, they allowed him to have milk and within three days the anger episodes were back.  Others then shared how much milk their children and family drank and the emotional temperature in the room rose as the pros and cons bubbled up.  As the hostess, I gently changed the subject, and wondered what the response to my article would be. 

While there are some that feel this is nonsense, here are “just the facts, ma’am” directly from the experiences of other Meridian readers.  Thanks very much to all, on both sides of the dairy fence, who responded.  (If all of this seems out of place to you, please skip today’s article and wait for my next article in 2 weeks where I’ll share how a a beautiful Meridian Reader in Idaho lost 100 pounds in one year.)

From Dave Oehler:  Goodbye to Sore Throats, Hayfever and Down 20 Pounds.  Hello to Being Able to Smell, Sleep and Stay Awake During the Day

“Some years ago, I had an enlightening experience over the course of a few months.  I had been drinking milk, adding cheese to most of the food I ate, and enjoying an ice cream treat a couple times a week.  I was never more than one bad night’s sleep from a sore throat – often it was strep throat – so I was on antibiotics nearly once a month.  I couldn’t stay awake at work and my eyes nearly always stung by the end of the day.  I was sick and tired enough to try things I would have scorned earlier. 

At about the same time, I became aware of the Macrobiotic approach to diet and the recommendations in Fit for Life. I did not adopt the “brown rice” diet, nor did I spend the money to buy organic foods, but I cut back on meat (eating it sparingly, perhaps?), increased my intake of whole vegetables & whole grains, and for several months I went almost entirely without dairy products.  As a Process Engineer in a semiconductor lab, I was trained to diagnose process problems based on factors that were constantly monitored – tweaking the process as needed.  I was fascinated by the changes I experienced as a result of tweaking my own “process.”

Very quickly, my perpetual nasal clog cleared up.  The next allergy season, when I could expect a maximum of four hours sleep before needing a second dose of anti-histamine, I slept through the night without even the bedtime dose.  Growing up, I had always been left out of any experience that involved any but the most over-powering smells – I accepted the fact that my nose was only good for holding up my glasses.  A month or two after swearing off dairy products, I realized that I actually had five senses, after all.  At work, I found that where I had been nodding off at my desk by 10am, I was now alert and ready for more at the end of the day.  Although I had not made any changes in my physical activity, on the bike-ride home, I noticed that rather than my thighs burning within a few blocks, I was having to ease up several blocks later due to my level of cardio-vascular fitness instead. 

I had always been a pretty big eater and had married a gifted cook.  Since she brought her gifts to bear on what could have been a terribly bland diet, it wasn’t!  I ate until I was full at every meal, but after about a year had gone by, I realized that I had gone from a “well-carried” weight of 195 (on a 6 foot frame) down to a lean 175 with more spring in my step than at any other time in my life.  It occurred to me at the time that it was pretty sad that I had to be humbled by sickness and convinced by the wisdom of men to heed the details in a revelation from God to the Prophet of the restoration.”

From A Mother:  Eliminating Milk Helped Allergic Nursing Babies and Kids

I read this article with a great deal of interest.  I came to the same conclusion when I had to deal with a couple of very mild sensitive (allergic) babies, and for us all to survive, we had to eliminate all milk and milk products from their diets.  When I was nursing, I had to eliminate milk products from my diet.   Thankfully we all survived, and they are grown men now with families of their own. 

However, the impression that the media will give you is that your teeth with fall out from cavities, and your bones will become weak, and you will have osteoporosis in your old age.   Nothing could be further from the truth. 

When you think about it, where do the elephants get their beautiful long trunks.

 They don’t drink milk.  they must be getting their calcium from other sources.  In fact they get it from the vegetarian diet they thrive on.  We humans can also. 

As was pointed out in the article, there are many vegetables that have plentiful calcium, such as green leafy vegetable, broccoli, etc.  The ironic thing about my sons giving up milk, and getting their calcium from other sources is that they never got a single cavity while growing up, and grew up big and strong men.   

In my research, I found that there are actually more problems created from a diet full of milk and milk products, than problems solved by drinking milk.  We were all created to get our nourishment as infants from our mothers, and then, when weaned, get it from other sources.  (look at the animals as an example) 

Carolyn’s Note:  You may be interested in the book “Food And Our Bones” by Anne Marie Colbin who proves how you can improve bone health through the kinds of foods you eat. The link
is at the bottom of this article.

 From Two Readers: Raw Milk Is What God Intended for Us

There is a difference between raw milk and homogenized/pasteurized milk and you should note the difference.”  I have consumed raw milk my entire life and I don’t get colds, etc and I am a public school teacher of twenty years. Cooking the milk, as it is done commerciallyn radically changes milk and its components just as it does to honey. Do some research on this difference and you will be amazed at what we do.

“Since I have made the switch from Pasteurized-Homogenized milk to real raw milk, I can sympathize with the writer who has discovered that this “most perfect food”, sold in grocery stores, is not all that has been advertised. In fact, I have great difficulty putting the P-H milk into my body, now that I’ve been reading about the processes involved.

Without going into it (there are some excellent books that do that in some detail), I’ve found that real, raw milk contains all sorts of nutrients, enzymes, and basic food stuff to make us very healthy. My lactose intolerant daughter drank some of the raw milk and suffered no ill effects. She took my book home with her to San Francisco to find out what the difference was (real milk contains lactase-mentioned in the article-that breaks down the lactose). In fact real milk contains many elements and vitamins that get killed in the pasteurization process. Some of those get replaced by the manufacturer with similar vitamins (but not the same).

Pioneers used raw milk to preserve meat, which could be kept for years in a crock of milk. Raw milk sours as it spoils while the store bought P-H milk rots (because it is already dead-literally).

And those who bought into the stories of death and disease that follow the consumption of raw milk will be startled to find that those stories were promoted by the processed milk industry and that most outbreaks of infection and disease are actually linked to pasteurized milk-not raw milk. The amount of bacteria allowed to exist in pasteurized milk far exceeds the amount allowed in raw milk.

Before making the choice to drop “milk”-one of God’s most perfect foods-learn about the purest form of milk-raw milk-and what it can actually do for you.

I suggest The Raw Truth About Milk by William Campbell Douglass.  (The link to it as at the end of this article.)

(Note from Carolyn: Acquiring raw milk is something you’ll have to take up on your own if you don’t have a cow, since it is illegal to sell raw milk. Advocates of raw milk are working hard to change this.)

Dave Howard, A Compulsive Milk Drinker Says Goodbye to Plantar Warts and Colds

I read with interest your article at about the effects of milk.  For years I was a “compulsive” milk drinker, oftentimes drinking more than my children.  For the last two years I have been 95% milk free in my diet.  I occasionally cook with it but that is the only form in which I will consume it, and only occasionally at that.  I have experienced almost no colds and only an occasional flu since then.

Urged to Get Off Dairy for 10 Years, Then a Car Accident

My chiropractor who has been my main primary care doctor has urged and pleaded with me for about 10 years to get off dairy products, finally won.  My delay cost me a lot.  Three years ago I was involved in a very serious car accident in which I was broadsided and blessed to have walked away alive.  Unfortunately, the man who caused the accident did not fare so well and broke his neck.  I had a great amount of soft tissue damage in my neck that still causes me some difficulty and weakness in my shoulders, arms and hands but I can deal with that and have adjusted my life accordingly.  This accident, however, left my body at the time vulnerable to infections, colds etc., because of my diet. 

Plantars Warts

Then I got two plantar warts on my right foot.  They were large and painful.  The podiatrist tried talking me out of surgery, which I insisted upon, and instead wanted me to change my diet to boost my immune system.  My diet at the time was not that bad, but it was still laden with sugar, dairy and wheat. The surgery was painful with about 6 weeks of recovery time.  Then a month later the plantar warts came back with a vengeance and had exploded to 11 of them all across the ball of my right foot, the base of my toes and a couple on my big toe.  My podiatrist stated he would not do surgery again and that the only way I could get rid of them was by boosting my immune system through my diet.  He explained that plantar warts are caused by a virus and a strong immune system can control them very effectively. 

I returned to my chiropractor and asked what to do.  He reiterated yet again to cut the sugar, dairy and wheat from my diet.  I was so desperate for relief I decided to go for it.  It was hard at first.  Then to my amazement within two months the warts were all gone.  COMPELETLY GONE!!!  No other medication was involved. No other treatment was done.  Just the change in my diet.  They have been gone for a little more than 2 years.  All that remains is the effect of the surgery on the ball of my right foot that is still tender.  If only I had listened, and more importantly, had listened much earlier.

Now I splurge every now and then, sometimes more than I should, on a sugar treat and I have wheat once or twice a week which I am reevaluating at this time, but never on dairy.  I have not had any colds and only an occasional scratchy throat and maybe the flu once or twice.  It has been so nice to be much healthier.  It used to be that I suffered from colds 3 – 4 times a year and it would take 6 – 8 weeks after the cold for the cough to disappear. 

I whole heartily agree with the dairy free way of living..

Thank you so much for confirming the health benefits of being dairy free

(Carolyn’s Note: Dave is exploring goats milk and wondering if anyone has experience with that?)

76 Years Old and No Colds With a Salt Water Gargle

I am 76 years old, almost never have colds, influenza or infections. Mostly I attribute that to a doctor who told me that we would never have colds or flu or most infections if we gargled with salt water once a day, and never if we gargled with salt water twice a day.

His advice his worked
for me.

(Carolyn’s note:  How easy is this?  And virtually free!)

Another Reader Reports Help for Sinus Infections, Stomach Problems and Migraines

Thank you so very much for bringing up this topic, I have lived for years with friends and family thinking I was a crackpot when it came to my not drinking milk.

I have suffered from allergies, sinus infections, stomachs problems and migraines all my life.  I learned about Milk from Hallelujah Acres.  A book called “The China Study” by Dr. T. Colin Campbell documented all of the reasons why milk is not good for us.

This reader also submitted a fascinating article that I have posted at

Well, there you have it.  Amazing, isn’t it?  There is no doubt about it:  we live in a toxic world with many chemicals that we cannot avoid.  In addition there are many foods that may play havoc with our bodies.  Though each of our bodies may respond differently to both the toxins and the foods, we can all be grateful for the many ways our Heavenly Father has created to create health.  It’s our job to prayerfully do our best, each of us on our own with our doctors, to take care of the miracle gift we have each received from him, our own human bodies. 

Once again, all resources and supplemental articles presented to me this past week are at


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