By Shannon Jensen

Brigham Young University recently announced that new online courses are now available to BYU students as part of their regular tuition.

“These courses have been developed using BYU Independent Study’s extensive online education experience,” said Shannon Jensen, BYU Independent Study advertising coordinator. “They involve more instructor/teaching assistant interaction than other online courses, but still provide the convenience of online learning.”
Students will have four scheduled checkpoints with an instructor or teaching assistant where they can ask questions and discuss their progress using video chat. Free one-on-one tutoring is also available to students who would like additional assistance.

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In addition to teachers and tutors, there will be interaction with other students through orientation, discussion boards and webinars.
Courses start at the beginning of fall semester, but can be completed anytime between Oct. 15 and the last day of finals. New online tools will allow students to create unique work schedules to help them stay on track while working at their own pace.
“With increased interaction and new features, these new online courses will provide students with an improved online learning experience, while at the same time giving them with the flexibility they desire,” said Jensen.
For more information about these courses, contact Independent Study Customer Service at 801-422-7224 or e-mail [email protected]“>[email protected].