Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that the Obama administration would no longer defend DOMA – the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Never mind that the law passed by 85-14 in the Senate and gathered a similar 84% of the vote in the House.  A real squeaker, that.  And signed into law by President Clinton, hardly a right-wing conservative.

Holder said President Obama decided against the ongoing defense of DOMA because the debate in Congress in 1996 included statements that reflected (wait for it) “moral disapproval of gays and lesbians and their intimate and family relationships…”

Imagine, Congress considering morality when deciding our laws.  What will come next — dieters considering calories, car-buyers considering engines, manufacturers considering materials?

If one argues that the moral landscape has changed (Holder says the legal landscape has changed), then let the originators of the law — Congress — decide whether or not to repeal it.  But to refuse to defend a properly passed law constitutes a de facto executive veto over a law passed by veto-proof margins and the President who signed it 15 years ago.

There is a proper way to take a law off the books.  This isn’t it.

Mr. President: If you want to destroy DOMA, then have your allies in Congress start the legislative process and let our representatives decide.

Be a mensch and do it the right way.

If this nation isn’t ripening in iniquity, with its attending consequences, then I don’t know the definition of the term.