What sustains love over a lifetime? In our throw-away culture, many, especially the young, no longer believe in the idea of life-long, joyful marriage.  To promote marriage and the beauties of life-long love, the Ruth Institute has a video contest going for those ages 18 to 30 to create a 30-second to 3-minute video championing the idea.  They call it “Reel Love”

Two of our children took up the challenge, and we have their videos and comments here.  We hope you’ll love their videos celebrating marriage and then we’d like to ask you to do something.

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Why do you need to vote?  Your vote won’t mean that they win, but it will mean that their videos have a chance to be judged.  Out of all the videos entered, only the videos with the top ten votes will be judged.

We think you’ll love their videos, and we are so happy that they want to stand for marriage.  We also applaud the Ruth Institute for involving college-age students in an idea that is important when our culture is promoting something so different. The Ruth Institute says: “We envision a renewed culture where the majority of marriages are stable.”

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Mariah Proctor writes:

I was walking through the grocery store the other day and saw in the cheese aisle the name of a cheese I’d never heard of before. I quickly made a mental note to go home and look it up. As far as everyday knowledge goes, it’s important to me to know a lot about food and a lot about movies. Food because it brings people together and is the quintessential simple pleasure and movies because they are a portrayal of what life has been, what it is, and what it can be. I fancy myself a lover, and so I appreciate romantic movies as much as (or quite a bit more than) the next guy, but I take it with a grain of salt, knowing the real love stories in my life are often even more heart-wrenching and beautiful.

I believe in love. Though I am a lonely 13th wheel to my six roommates and their corresponding others and live in a larger world where wedding parties take bets on how long a couple will actually last even as they are agreeing to “’till death do us part”, I still believe that my life is flowing toward the most magnificent love story complete with the most exquisite happiness. But I always feel silly when the girls around me get into conversations about what kind of ring they’d like or when the good news minute in Relief Society comes complete with somebody’s oh-so-elaborate proposal story.

 I don’t much care how much that thing on my hand sparkles or how many red roses were involved in getting it there, but I do care about the character of the man who gives me the ring, who will help raise my children and I care very much that we inspire one another and are in it for the long haul. I can’t wait to hold that person in my arms and I hope to know then even better than I know now, what real love is. 

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Andy Proctor writes:

What is the secret to life-long love? Well, there isn’t just one, and I don’t believe it is a secret. In a recent visit to an art exhibit I found many paintings that caused me and every one who passed by to stop and stare in wonder, lured in by the accents, foundations and shades of all colors upon the canvas.

I truly believe the key to a lasting relationship is not a single ingredient but an entire tapestry. And you, as the observers in a gallery containing depictions of real, life-long love, will find that the anchoring pigment of this masterpiece is sacrifice. Sacrifice to God and sacrifice for your spouse. Added to this are the foundational colors of trust and time. You will also see deeply rooted within the painting, the crucial element of friendship. The tapestry is also beautifully framed within a solid structure called commitment. And scattered throughout this magnificent piece of work are flares of romance, dancing about, and catching the attention of the observer.

And when you or any passerby sees this amazing portrayal of love in the gallery of life, it will spur within you the desire not only to strengthen your love for your spouse, but for your love for all those who fall within your circle of influence.

This is life-long love.

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Remember you can vote for both videos.  It just opens the door for them to be judged in the contest.

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